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I Luv Lapiluv Review

lapiluv logoLast week, I received a unique baby product called Lapiluv. It is an ingenious, comfortable product that allows Mommy and Baby to bond while Baby can still interact with toys and technology. How cool!

With only seven more weeks to go, I am beginning to dream about playdates with our Little Bit, holding her, cuddling her, and teaching her. If she is anything like our MES, she will love playing baby-friendly apps and pushing *buttons* on my iPhone. However, after my recent debacle last month when I shattered my iPhone screen, I am reluctant to allow anyone less than 40 (that would include me) to pick up the phone. Luckily, Lapiluv solves the problem of bringing technology to Baby Girl and MES.


lapiluv is a highly effective wearable play system designed to expose babies and toddlers to digital technology while encouraging parent-child bonding time.

At first glance, LapiLuv appears to be just an apron. Still, it is actually a highly effective wearable play system designed to expose babies and toddlers to digital technology while at the same time encouraging parent‐child bonding. Along with numerous hooks for attaching more traditional educational toys such as brightly colored, textured, and interactive playthings to the garment, the apron also includes places for parents to connect their iPods, iPhones, and iPads, enabling every interaction with their child to be a potentially high‐tech one. By wearing the apron while playing with their little ones, parents allow their children to explore the latest technological gadgets without removing the necessary social component from playtime.


lapiluv is reversible for even more play!

I absolutely ADORE all of the cute sensory toys that attach to Lapiluv. They attach to loops on the denim apron with sweet little velcroed ribbons. MES, my three-year-old, had fun playing with the stuffed toys and, of course, LOVES it when I put lapiluv on so that she can play iPhone or Kindle. Lapiluv also has six link rings which my children have always enjoyed grabbing and chewing as babies. I think they are also good to attach additional small toys that Baby would want to play with.


The hardest part about being a mom with a toddler or preschooler is that I rarely get to hold MES and watch her play. She is always on the go (which is a good thing!)! Now, with Lapiluv, I can put in the Kindle, read an interactive picture book together, or play one of the many apps for preschoolers – all while she sits on my lap!

So, Baby or MES can sit in my lap – and I can adore her sweet, wonderful face – while she plays with her developmental toys, BUT it can also be a great place for her to interact with the latest technology. There is a small pocket on the front of Lapiluv that fits an iPhone or other smartphone. Bring up an app for Baby, and Baby can push on the screen and giggle all day long! On the reverse of the apron, Mommy can put in her iPad or other tablet devices so that Baby can interact on a larger screen. We will use that for the Kindle Fire apps that the little ones love. The designers at lapiluv even have a list of apps that are appropriate for Baby. I especially love The Monster at the End of this Book. Who doesn’t love Grover? Of course, there are so many FREE apps on iTunes for babies and toddlers. MES loves the apps for iPhone and KindleFire. (You can see my review of here)


Lapiluv is portable too! It comes with a discreet carrying case. Fold up Lapiluv with all of its toys, and it is great for restaurants, airplanes, churches, or wherever you want to be without those toys dropping all over the ground. I plan to take it everywhere that Baby goes to be entertained while staying close to Baby. It will also be good for Grandma to wear while we are out so that she can have some time close to Baby too!

It would make a wonderfully unique baby shower gift for that high-tech mama or the mom who works in front of the computer all day. You can find more information at

About Lapiluv:

Patricia Martin White created Lapiluv. Necessity is the mother of invention, and in this case, a new, first-time mother and talented graphic designer came to her as an inspiration. Patricia has an eye for design and has been creating brands and websites for small businesses for over seven years. The entrepreneurial bug has bitten her since she moved to the United States from her native country of Spain.

As she held her new baby on her lap while working at the computer, Patricia asked herself: how can I interact with my baby, on my lap, eye-to-eye, with toys he can hold, squeeze, chew and grab and actually create an interactive play experience? For one thing, it was easier to keep the baby facing her so she could gaze into his eyes. It would also be great not to have all the toys end up on the floor, over and over again. And what if the computer screen she was using that provided hours of colorful images, sounds, and stories could be a part of the experience? What if she could use her iPhone or iPad to create a wearable technology and play system?


Lauralee Saad loves homeschooling her three kiddos: Ballerina, age 8, Big Boy, age 6, and MESS, age 3.  She enjoys sewing when she can find a spare corner to set up her machine and dig out fabrics, cooking and baking – especially if the kiddos are helping, and enjoying a good book after the kiddos have gone to bed.  She is thrilled to be welcoming a baby girl into the family in March of 2012.

*I received Lapiluv to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Other’s experiences may vary.

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