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Self-Care Tips for Homeschooling Moms

Being a homeschool mom also means adopting the role of a full-time teacher. Between housework and homework, you likely struggle to find any time to unwind. There’s always something that needs to be done, and many parents leave self-care off their to-do list. Without enough time spent taking care of yourself, everything in your household becomes harder to manage. You lose your temper more efficiently; you can’t find any time to enjoy being with your partner or children and important tasks become more burdensome with each passing day. Self-care is never about disregarding others. Instead, it’s a deliberate decision to prioritize your physical, mental, and spiritual wellness to be the best version of yourself (wikiHow) in every role you carry, parent and teacher.

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Don’t Ignore Physical Problems

If you are dealing with discomfort from health conditions, don’t just assume you must push through it. There are many different ways to manage pain, including medical marijuana. Talk to your doctor about various treatment options to manage your health symptoms. If you ever feel ignored or disregarded, look for another physician. If you decide to get your Ohio medical marijuana card, you can apply online in 15 minutes and pay $99 to get yours. Stress can worsen physical symptoms, so finding treatments that are affordable, accessible, and easy to follow is everything. Working from the ground up, you’ll have the energy and comfort you need to go through the day without feeling weighed down by pain.

Ask for Help

Take time to hand some responsibilities off to others in the household. While children take care of chores, put your feet up and relax. You don’t have to disappear; sip a cup of your favorite herbal tea or coffee while you supervise the kids doing their housework. If your children aren’t old enough to tackle chores alone, get them involved. Toddlers can sort laundry, help load the dishwasher, and wipe the table. Housework is a fantastic way to keep busy hands occupied and help teach children responsibility.

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Connect with Friends Often

Spending time with the kids all day can tire anyone out. Social interaction with supportive friends is essential, and you should prioritize engaging in conversations that don’t revolve around parenting or schooling. Even a 10-minute catch-up on the phone over lunch can help you shift your focus and return to the day feeling refreshed and encouraged (HuffPost). If you want to make friends, consider joining some homeschool mom groups on Facebook. There are plenty of pages dedicated to helping families connect.

Schedule a Free Day

The kids will love having a day to pursue fun activities while you enjoy some downtime. Although you may be tempted to take the time you aren’t teaching to tackle work or chores, use this day as a treat for yourself, too. Buy something you love for lunch, and let the kids watch a movie or educational program while you eat. Put the kids to bed a little early so you can indulge in a warm bath with a drink, a scented candle, and essential oils.

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