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Prince William and Kate Middleton Love the Ring, Share the Romance

Most of the time the Royal Family in England doesn’t excite me. Now, I’m a tabloid junkie and constantly seeking updates on news feeds in my obsession over the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I want to be an insider. I want to know the details. Though I was small, I remember the Royal Wedding of the late Diana Spencer and Prince Charles. It was a fantasy fairytale come true.

Now as The U.K. Gift Company, an online retailer selling the official Royal Collection commemoratives, approved by Prince William and his fiancée reveals the beautiful items my excitement is causing me to shriek like a giddy school girl.

To begin with, how romantic is it that Prince William shared this moment with his mother, Princess Diana, by giving the beautiful Kate Middleton the very ring Prince Charles gave to his bride in 1981? I love that! I admit I was hopeful, I wanted Kate to wear that beautiful wedding gown that so elegantly and perfectly epitomized a princess back on July 29, 1981. It doesn’t look like this will happen as designers are creating fantasy dressed for a new Princess. I can’t wait! The dress is said to be being designed by a little-known designer, a female, and its production is under tight security inside Buckingham Palace.

Regardless of who is designing Middletons’ dress, the rumor is she won’t be exiting the glass carriage as Princess Diana did, revealing the dress for the first time. Nope. Middleton is launching into the current time period and said to be arriving by car. *sigh* Those poor folk who camp out along the streets will miss the pageantry the Royal family is known for as the bride drives by them.

I also love that Kate Middleton is her own person, which seems to have the Queen unhappy in some respects. Kate and Prince William have opted to not only have the elaborate sit-down reception but a grand dinner and party following the reception. This is causing some contention with the Queen and too, with the palace’s Chef.

Perhaps though it is not the Royal Wedding that will make the headlines, but instead Prince William’s Bachelor Party. Let’s face it, his little brother, Prince Harry, is hosting the party and well, we’ve read about his party habits plenty!

Either way, I want in on the action. I may have been too young to collect for the Charles and Lady Diana wedding, but I’m thinking this might be the wedding that my daughters and I share together. Royal Commemoratives have long been the souvenirs of choice. From the time of the young Princess Elizabeth’s birth, her legacy has been created through collectible pottery, glassware, and boxes. They are markers of her birthdays, wedding anniversaries, State Visits and her achievement of being only the second  Queen in British History to reach her Golden Jubilee–her great-grandmother, Queen Victoria was the first. These beautiful commemoratives record tomorrow’s history. This new generation of Royal Commemoratives is stunning.

The Royal Collection designed for William and Kate’s wedding consists of a commemorative tankard, plate, and pillbox bearing the couple’s entwined initials, manufactured using methods unchanged for 250 years. Profits from Royal Collection sales fund the Royal Collection Trust, a registered charity dedicated to the care, conservation, and exhibition of the historic collection. They are available by pre-order through The U.K. Gift Company.

Either way, I’ll be lapping up the gossip between now and the moment Kate arrives at West Minister Abbey on April 29, 2011, to marry her Prince!

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