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11 Anti-Aging SuperFoods – Secret To Delay Aging Naturally

It’s true. No matter how hard we try to keep our bodies well-functioning, sooner or later, signs of aging will begin to manifest anyway. However, to help you age more gracefully and for you to be able to savor the goodness of living even as you get older, you need to start embracing a healthier lifestyle now—and it all begins with what you put into your body.

Many studies have shown that senescence or, the body’s natural aging process, is primarily determined by your lifelong lifestyle choices, and your diet is on top of the list.

In general, it is challenging to follow a strict diet and monitor closely if you’re meeting all the daily recommended dietary allowance for all essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that have been found to play unique roles in fuelling various body processes.

Thus, the rule of thumb is to make it a point to fill your plate with as much variety of food as possible and eat more fresh produce and less processed food.

It is also quite a relief to know that scientific studies have identified several so-called “superfoods” which must be made a staple part of your diet.

However, for extrinsic use, you may use Rodan and Fields; it may also help get healthy skin and protect your aging.

These superfoods aid in slowing down senescence and in supporting cellular repair processes to delay aging.

Eleven of these superfoods are listed below to help you boost your immunity.

These superfoods aid in slowing down senescence and in supporting cellular repair processes to delay aging. Eleven of these superfoods are listed below:

11 Anti-Aging Super Foods – Secret To Delay Aging Naturally

Green, Leafy Vegetables:

This food group should take up the most space on your plate in every meal.

Leafy greens are your best source of carbohydrates.

Every square inch of the leaf is also packed with fibers that help detoxify your body and keep your natural filters liver and colon—functioning well.

When your body is purified regularly, cells throughout your body are able to absorb and use nutrients more efficiently.

What’s more, leafy greens help your body fight off infections and diseases by improving your immune response and increasing levels of antioxidants in your body.

Truly, when it comes to leafy greens, there are only benefits to reap and nothing to worry about.


Never mind the after-taste and the bad odor it leaves inside your mouth; keep using garlic for your home cooking ideas.

That pungent smell of garlic gives it its powerful antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, which redounds to a healthier immune system and delayed senescence.

Garlic also helps keep blood pressure at bay and prevents the development of chronic, lifelong diseases, including heart ailments and cancers.

Green Tea and White Tea:

These two tea varieties undergo the least processing and, therefore, the highest antioxidant and flavonoid levels.

Antioxidants help protect your cells from damage caused by oxidative stress, exposure to the sun’s UV rays, and environmental pollution.

When cells are damaged, signs of aging begin to manifest.

Suddenly, you notice crusty movements, wrinkles, and joint pains.

Unfortunately, your body’s ability to repair and rejuvenate slows down as you age, so you’re much better off preventing damage altogether.

Drink a cup or two of green tea or white tea daily to help delay aging and prolong life.


Well, not just any type of chocolate but dark chocolate.

Like green tea and white tea, chocolate is made from cocoa beans that contain very high levels of flavonoids known as flavonols.

Eating a piece of dark chocolate at least once weekly has been found to extend life for at least a year.


You must already know that blueberries are your best natural source for Vitamin C, which boosts your immune response.

Did you know that blueberries are a great snack to keep your brain healthy too? Fresh blueberries will not raise your blood sugar levels but eat these in moderation just the same.


These superfoods aid in slowing down senescence and in supporting cellular repair processes to delay aging. Eleven of these superfoods are listed below:


Yes, the body needs fats too! Not just any fat, though, but healthy fats like Omega-3 fatty acids that help bind cells together, aid in preventing memory loss, and keep blood cholesterol levels low thus, effectively preventing hypertension and heart diseases as well.

Make fish a regular part of your diet because, despite the many benefits of Omega-3, the body cannot produce this rather beneficial fat.


If you’re looking to replace either some or all of your meats for another protein source, try munching on a handful of nuts. Nuts are rich in proteins that act as raw materials needed by the body to restructure and rejuvenate damaged cells.


Beetroot is another superfood must-have in your regular diet. It contains high Vitamins A and C levels, potassium, magnesium, iron, and antioxidants.

Beetroot boosts the body’s production of white blood cells, thereby enhancing your immune system and destroying abnormal cells that cause cancers.

In addition, beetroot also aids in promoting proper digestion.


Southeast Asians have known the health-giving power of seaweeds for ages.

Seaweeds contain high antioxidants and plant proteins that protect cells from damage and promote cell renewal.

Seaweeds are also rich in iodine, calcium, potassium, iron, and Vitamin A.

There is a renewed interest in seaweeds for their apparent ability to flush out toxic chemicals from the body, although evidence remains inconclusive.

It is about the food which helps to delay aging, but it might take time to deliver the desired outcomes.


Tomatoes are a great way to derive natural carotenoids, powerful antioxidants that protect the body from infections and inflammation, whether eaten raw or blended with your favorite Italian dishes.


This superfood is rich in a wide array of vitamins and minerals necessary for proper cellular function.

Moreover, broccoli supports healthy detoxification and rids the body of wastes that can cause numerous illnesses and diseases in the long haul.

Broccoli is also rich in Vitamin C, thereby providing adequate support to boost your immunity, explains

When steamed, broccoli can keep its fibers intact, which helps keep cholesterol levels at bay.

Make your every bite count. 

Skip the junk and start filling your system with these superfoods to look and feel younger longer.

You can also use supplements like Luteolin to help combat anti-Aging.

According to the people at Super Smart, some studies suggest that “…Luteolin may combat mitochondrial aging by activating cellular antioxidant production…” which makes it a great addition to your diet to help slow down the aging process.


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