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Is the Westie Breed Best for You?

Statistics have shown that dog owners are happier and live a more satisfactory life compared to others.

As a bit of a stretch as this might seem, it does make sense—dogs give unconditional love, loyalty, and the often much-needed companionship that we all long for.

Think of the happiness your dog welcomes you with after a long stressful day at the office; such energy is enough to make you forget all about your worries, at least for a while. 

So, if you are pondering to join the ever-growing dog parents’ community, you need to do some personality matches to find the best dog breed for you.

According to Pop Sugar, one of the most popular breeds out there is the Scottish Westie; this breed is not only the epitome of fun and cuteness, but it is also intelligent.

White westie napping

Let’s dig a little deeper to find out who should and who shouldn’t get a Westie.

Get a Westie if you have children.

Westies love babies and kids.

They are usually very protective of them as well, as they are known for being great guardians.

They are also super energetic and will love playing outdoors with them.

Westies specifically loves autumn, as they enjoy playing around piles of rustling leaves.

If you have kids, you know that this is exactly what they love to do as well!

Watching your babies, human and furry, having a blast, and being happy will warm your heart.

westie on green grass

Don’t get a Westie if you are always busy.

Westies are very active dogs and love to play; however, they are known to be stubborn.

This means that you will have to dedicate time to train them and retrain them every once in a while to make sure it sticks.

To be in optimum shape and state of mind, they need at least one hour of daily exercise.

So, before getting a Westie, you need to ensure that you can put in the time required for your pup.

Get a Westie if you have other pets.

Even though Westies can be possessive over their stuffed toys and food, they coexist well with other pets.

Once they understand that this creature, be it another dog, a cat, or else, is family, Westies will let loose and share the space in good spirits.

However, you need to beware if you have a bunny, hamster, or other rodents since Westies believe they are the prey and will not let them be!

westie and dachshund on leashes with owners at park

Don’t get a Westie if you are not willing to deal with their health problems.

Westies have a history of dealing with many health problems that need special attention.

They usually have severe skin inflammation and different bone problems like the “Westie Jaw.”

This is a condition where a random bone starts developing around your puppy’s jaw area.

As the condition gets more serious, your Westie will not be able to open its mouth and chew properly and might even need to be fed through a tube.

Given how common this condition is and many other health problems, you shouldn’t get a Westie if you are not someone who has the patience to deal with illnesses.

Get a Westie if you want a cute dog to cuddle.

Westies are all about pampering.

Thanks to their small fuzzy figures, they remain cute well after growing up, as they do not grow big.

You will also spend lots of time grooming and trimming your Westie’s hair since it requires a lot of attention to stay tidy and mess-free.

They enjoy being cuddled just like babies, so if you are someone who appreciates physical closeness and contact, a Westie is definitely for you.

westie in window

Don’t get a Westie if you can’t handle their strong personality.

According to dog experts and Westie owners, this breed is one of the most independent ones out there.

They do whatever they please and need a strict owner to know who the boss is.

Otherwise, using their charm, they can make you follow their lead!

If you do not have the tolerance, it needs to deal with this challenging trait, steer clear from Westies, as you won’t stand a chance.

As hard as it might be not to give in entirely once you see a Westie and decide that this is the right dog for you, you need to do your homework.

Research their personalities and read about Westie owners’ experiences to understand what you are getting yourself into.

Still, Westies are gorgeous, fun dogs to have around. Just prepare yourself for the effort you will need to put in with them.

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