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The Instant Pot College Cookbook by Julee Morrison

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If you’ve followed this blog, or my social media, you know I love my Instant Pot. That love has carried over to an Instant Pot College Cookbook.

Y’all! Today is the day I finally get to spill the beans!

I wrote a book!

It’s called The Instant Pot College Cookbook: 75 Quick and Easy Meals that Taste Like Home. I’m so happy to be able to offer you all this resource.

The Instant Pot College Cookbook Julee Morrison


Writing a cookbook has been on my bucket list for a few years. This summer I had the opportunity to write my first cookbook. It showcases my favorite Instant Pot recipes and carries with it the love my mother brought to our food that I am now sharing with my own family.

It’s geared for college students, but it is a cookbook for anyone.

The Instant Pot® College Cookbook includes:

  • Instant Pot® cooking 101 that explains pressure cooker settings for every type of food, tips, and FAQ.
  • 75 home-style meals that include breakfast, everyday staples, soups and stews, meatless meals, poultry, pork and beef, dessert, and more!
  • Fool-proof recipes that combine quick prep times with easy-to-find and affordable ingredients to suit student schedules and wallets.

Save ramen for emergencies with quick and easy recipes from The Instant Pot® College Cookbook.

The Instant Pot® College Cookbook is the definitive dorm room solution for easy, homemade meals.

Cereal and pizza might be enough to sustain a crash study session, but the best brain food is a homemade meal. The Instant Pot® College Cookbook saves college students from four years of nutrient deprivation with quick and easy, budget-friendly meals.

From grab-n-go Breakfast burritos to late night Macaroni and Cheese, this college cookbook contains 75 tasty meals that require no previous cooking or Instant Pot® experience to whip up. Using easy-to-find and affordable ingredients, The Instant Pot® College Cookbook saves students time and money too with good fast food that rivals any take-out menu.

Learn more about the book here:

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