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Infographic: Family Happiness is 17 Percent Higher

Remember how carefree life was as a child? I want my children to have the same carefree moments as a parent. I worry about their happiness and want to do everything I can to ensure their childhood is one to remember.

I’m not alone.

In a recent survey of U.S. families conducted by FamilyFun magazine, parents rated their family’s happiness 17 percent higher today than when they were kids. The survey results and FamilyFun’s “Happy Family Playbook” were released today in the magazine’s special May “Happiness” issue.

U.S. parents and children who responded to the survey shared their family meal preferences, favorite activities, and family happiness compared to previous generations. Striking statistics from the survey include: 

52% of families say more money would make their families happier vs. 48% who believe more time together would help family contentment

88% say a weekly family game night would make their families more comfortable than the 12% who’d prefer a new, big-screen TV

71% of families would rather experience a dream vacation together than enjoy a renovated family room space 

Vacations ranked #1 by both parents and kids as the top activity to generate family happiness while outings to local zoos and museums and playing board/video games together followed closely behind

Overall, parents rate their family’s happiness 17%higher today than when they were kids.

For families looking for happiness tips, the May issue includes seven ways to dial-up family happiness this year—including performing random acts of kindness and unplugging from electronics. You can view an infographic highlighting notable stats below.


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