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Inchworm Measurements–Measuring with Non-Standard Units

Yesterday we did the Elephant Measurement and had “such enormous fun” that we called for another non-standard measurement unit to come play…so today we are doing Inchworm Measurement (clever aye?)!

This fun activity of measuring with non-standard units will help your child understand the attribute of length, develop a process of measuring, understand concepts related to units of measure, use estimating to measure, and learn how to use these processes in everyday life. 

Inchworm Measurements--Measuring with Non-Standard Units

Your child may enjoy reading time with these books before starting Inchwork Measuring:

Inch by Inch, by Leo Lionni; ISBN 0688132839

How Big is a Foot?, by Rolf Myller; ISBN 044040495-9

Twelve Snails to One Lizard: A Tale of Mischief & Measurement, by Susan Hightower; ISBN- 10:0689804520 or ISBN-13:9780439154307

Counting on Frank, by Rod Clement; ISBN-10:039570393X or ISBN-13:978-0395703939

Measuring Penny, by Loreen Leedy; ISBN-10:0805065725 or ISBN-13:978-0805065725

If you choose to add literature to this fun project, here are some questions to ask your child after reading Inch by Inch:

Why would the inchworm be able to measure different birds?

How does he measure?

What do you think the inchworm will do when the nightingale asks the worm to measure her song?

Can you measure a song?

How can you measure a song?

Explain to the students that they are going to measure just like the inchworm did. 

You will need:

The Inchworm Measurement Ruler
inchworm measurement

Here is a print out

You can print out this page then cut out the inchworms and tape to gether for a longer inchworm measuring tool.

Inchworm measurement-ruler

The Inchworm Measurement Booklet to record your measurements.

Have children use the Inchworm Measurement Ruler to measure the items in the booklet and draw a picture of that item in the space on the page.

What other items did they measure?

Have them draw those items and add them to their booklet.

Inchworm measurement-converted


You can also add Gummy Worms as fun and edible non-measurement practice:

Estimate how long you think your gummy worm is.

The length of the gummy worm is about _____ inches.

Use your 10” ruler to measure your gummy worm.

The actual length of the gummy worm is _____ inches.

Now, stretch your gummy worm. How long do you estimate that it is now?

The length of the stretched gummy worm is about _____ inches.

Use your 10” ruler to measure your stretched gummy worms.

The actual length of the stretched gummy worm is _____ inches.

How did you estimate the length of your gummy worm?

Was your estimate close to the actual length? Explain why or why not.

Use Inchworms to measure your Twizzler before and while you eat it!

TwizzlersMeasurement-1 (1)

Finally, here is an adorable workbook made by Blair Peterson of Murray, Utah.



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