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Get Your Proof with Review

This year, thanks to elves and, we captured a glimpse of Santa Claus in our living room just checking in. We are always telling our kiddos that Santa is watching them and they better shape up or there will be nothing under the tree.

Now we have proof that Santa does come by to check on things. I also tell our kids we have Nanny Cams that film everything–“don’t make me play back the tape, because I will.”

Get Your Proof with Review

Last year we got Elf on a Shelf. This year we added two new elves. They’re mischievous little creatures, but they do well at reporting to Santa all the Naughty and Nice at our house. Yesterday we had some issues with bickering. After an afternoon of reminders and banging my head on the table, I reached out to Santa through

I took a picture of our living room couch. Uploaded it to the website.

From there, I selected a Santa image from twenty and added it to our picture.

I printed it out on our printer.

Then, to set the stage, my husband gathered us around to play a family game.

I went to get a deck of cards, and on the way back, I placed this picture on the couch.

I joined the family lickity split.

It played out beautifully.

When we were done, the kiddos headed to the living room to watch TV.

There was a gasp, indicating that they had discovered the photograph.

Then, “Um, Mom!”

Since it is OUR couch and OUR walls and a corner of our coffee table, all with Santa right there, the kiddos do not doubt that Dad and I are right…Santa is watching.

This is my new favorite site.

Think of the possibilities, not to mention fun, in tormenting the kiddos.

From the site, you can get prints, upload them to Facebook or Twitter, and more.

*I received a code to create my own picture in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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