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How To Properly Wear A Wig

If you’re attempting to wear a wig for the first time, it’s natural to feel a bit unsure. You might be worrying whether the wig will look misplaced or if it will fall off as you go about your day. These are mistakes that do occur when wearing a wig. However, such mishaps could be avoided if you know-how. Let’s take a look at some tips on how to wear a wig properly.


woman properly wearing wig with lots of curls

1.Tie Or Braid Your Hair

You must tie your hair from your face if you have short hair.

You can place your hair at the back of your head in a small ponytail.

It will also be more efficient if you apply the gel on your hair to pat it down.

If you have long hair, you must braid your hair away from your face in French twists or corn-rows.

Ensure that these braids aren’t bulky, as some wigs will show the bumps from this style.

The braided style also has to be even to make for snug securing of the wig.

2. Put On A Wig Cap

Once you have prepared your hair, you must put on your wig cap.

Make sure all strands of your hair are tucked into the cap.

You can secure the cap using pins if the elastic isn’t holding snug around your head.

3. Wear Your Wig

Now that your cap is on, you can get ready to wear your quality wig.

You should hold up your wig in front of you and ensure the label is at the back.

Proceed to tilt your head and slip the wig on with the front of the hairline.

Make sure that the wig has securely covered the wig cap.

4. Secure Your Wig

Securing your wig is essential to ensure it doesn’t shift or fall off during the day.

Depending on your wig type, it might come with hair bands, belts, straps, and clip-ons.

These aids must be secured to your head.

However, it would be best if you did so in a way that doesn’t damage your hair and scalp.

You must still feel comfortable when you’re wearing the wig.

If you feel the straps and clips are tugging on your hair or digging into your scalp, you must re-adjust the fastens.

5. Brush Your Wig

Depending on the type of wig you wish to wear, you can brush it for a natural effect.

Make sure the design remains intact after brushing.

For example, a wavy wig might take a straight style if you brush it.

Consider the style you’re going for before you decide to brush or straighten the wig.

6. Maintain Your Wig

Your wig will require constant maintenance, just like your hair.

As time passes by, it may lose its buoyancy and shine.

Here are a few tips on how you can maintain your wig so you can continue to wear it properly:

• Trim its ends.

• Dye it to a different color.

• Wash your wig regularly to get rid of dirt build-up.

• Depending on the type of wig, it may dry up. You can add a bit of moisturizing oil from time to time.

• Store your wig on a wig stand to avoid it getting flattened.

• Don’t sleep in your wig, as the friction will compromise its quality and texture on the pillow.

7. Maintain Your Hair

According to WebMD, you must maintain your hair beneath your wig.

If your hair is neglected, you might begin to feel itchy and sweaty, leading to constantly tampering with the wig in an attempt to feel comfortable.

Thus, don’t forget to wash your hair, moisturize, detangle, and aerate regularly.

Avoid using sharp objects such as pins to scratch your scalp when wearing a wig.

This action can only damage your scalp.

woman properly wearing wig that is long



Sporting a wig will become more natural as you continuously wear it.

Make sure to tie or braid your hair away from your face, place your wig cap, tuck away stray hairs into the net, and secure it with clips.

Check if the wig label is at the back, as this is the right way to wear it.

Place your wig fit on your hairline and right around your head.

Make sure it’s secured but not too tight to hurt your scalp.

Remember that your hair needs to be regularly maintained, too, even though it’s tucked away under the wig.

Neglecting your hair will affect the quality of your wig in the long run.

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