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How Receiving Flowers Affect a Woman’s Emotional Health

Have you come to think of why most women are fond of flowers? Why is it that when men come with a bouquet during a date, it instantly excites and thrills women?

The simple answer is flowers symbolize romance, and with romance comes happiness. Women are drawn to flowers, especially when they come as gifts or surprises. But more than the romance and the intoxicating feeling, there’s more to it than anyone can think of.

Research shows that receiving flowers has an emotional impact on women. Now, let’s dig deeper into that subject and learn about the emotional effects of flowers and their other health contributions.

Surprised woman receiving flowers from man

The Emotional Touch Of Flowers

According to, The Emotional Impact of Flowers Study led by Dr. Jeannette M. Haviland-Jones, a professor at the Human Development Lab at Rutgers from The State University of New Jersey, common sense tells us that flowers make us happy.

Fortunately, science agrees to it and even added that it positively affects our entire emotional aspect.

The research study that ran for ten months showed that receiving flowers changes our behavior positively.

The study results show that flowers are natural health and mood moderators. Participants reported that they felt less depressed, agitated, and anxious after receiving the flowers.

This means that flowers have a positive effect on people’s moods. It demonstrates a higher sense of enjoyment, especially at times like these, where mental health disorders are rising and becoming alarming.

Moreover, the long-term positive effects of flowers lead to better life satisfaction. But that’s not just it. The actions of giving and receiving flowers can lift up someone’s mood, and the color choices have something to do with it as well.

roses in vase representing how receiving flowers affects a woman's emotional health

Flower Hues Does Matter

According to Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, flowers can be a catalyst that stimulates our senses- both sight and smell. Add to that, our response to color is immensely apparent. We respond instantaneously to our emotions whenever we see colors that impact us.

The best example of this is receiving yellow flowers such as sunflowers. The instant reaction is happiness since the bright yellow color invokes happy and radiant feelings. And psychologically, it’s the happiest color in the spectrum. The same goes for white flowers that symbolize honesty and purity—no wonder why it’s the best color for weddings.

And the most common yet still the most loved color of flowers, red. The red color is invigorating. It sends out positive energy aside from the romance that it usually symbolizes. Send red roses to a recovering friend at Letterbox Flowers, and you can see that it will instantly help boost and speed up their recovery. Also, it lessens the stress brought by working hard every day.

Woman receiving flower delivery

Happiness Comes In A Bouquet

If you’re holding back to indulge yourself in getting your mother or a significant one with a bouquet, now is the right time not to. According to the study conducted at the University of North Florida Department of Public Health, some blooms can help women alleviate stress, boost the immune system, foster creativity, and encourage more profound compassion.

Sixty-eight percent of people feel stressed out weekly, and, in a narrowed and filtered platform, it shows that women experience it the most. But the best form of therapy that relieves them is just out there, which is easy, requires less effort, and is just within reach- receiving flowers. That, for us, is a quick and easy fix.

Receiving Flowers On Your Mental Health

In this modern era, where technology is always buzzing, trends are constantly changing. From time to time, the workplace’s competition is getting on everyone’s nerves, which often leads to stress and anxiety. Women in this harsh world have to play and fight their battles, so it’s no wonder that most of them suffer from high levels of stress, depression, and anxiety.

Good thing, there’s a quick fix to it: flowers!

Typically, women love receiving flowers because of the gesture, but they know that flowers have natural emotional effects on the brain. Women who receive flowers from their partners give out a Duchenne smile or what they call a brain-changing smile.

The Duchenne smile shows genuine enjoyment. This is demonstrated by the crinkles around the eyes and the cheeks raising. It’s an uncontrollable reaction whenever women receive flowers. Their fondness over these plants sends out signals to their brains, which shows positive emotions. The Duchenne smile cannot be achieved by sending or getting them any other type of gifts such as scented candles, fruit baskets, and sweets.

Furthermore, flowers improve brain function and cognitive skills. For elder women, receiving flowers improve their memory retention. Seniors who receive flowers have shown that they can answer in detail and boost their memory when they have the flowers.

Flowers Makes You Think Of Yourself Positively

Receiving flowers makes you feel differently, but for the better, according to Dr. Jonathan S. Kaplan. During his interview at Psychology Today, he said that plants in your living space are better pieces of distraction. A positive object distracts you from your deep thoughts and changes it to something more positive and delightful.

Instead of being caught in a zone of letting yourself dive into the wormhole of anxiety, plants, in this case, flowers, remove you from that and bring you into a more vibrant environment. That’s why receiving flowers on a gloomy day can instantly change someone’s mood and even boost their confidence.

Caucasian woman receiving flower bouquet from her boyfriend


The genetic fondness of women to flowers has been given more emphasis and better reasoning, as these fancy, sometimes expensive gifts can contribute to their wellbeing. Whether they come in an expensive and detailed bouquet arrangement or a single flower stalk, they can do a lot to women’s emotions.

But that doesn’t end there. Flowers improve their mood positively and help with their mental health. Especially during these times, where women face more challenges, it would help if their loved ones sent them out flowers once in a while.

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