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How are YOU Better Than Ever?

For One Thing, I’m Wiser
If you haven’t heard, Dove® gofresh™ just got a boost of NutriumMoisture™. The folks at Dove® feel this has taken Dove® gofresh™ from good to great. That made us wonder, what in your life has gone from good to great… what in your life is better than ever? We want to celebrate how your life has evolved. Look at where you are now, compared to your life in the past. Taking time to stop, reflect and be thankful is always so refreshing!

As women and moms, we are all constantly evolving. As our children grow up, our lifestyles go through many changes. Has your social scene gone from fraternity parties to dinner parties with a close-knit group of friends or neighbors? Has your living space or work situation gone through a transformation for the better? Has your style gone from drab to fab over the years?

If I were to write a letter to my sixteen-year-old self, I’d tell her to sit tight, “in a few years, you’ll be better than ever!” I’d hope that girl for yesteryear would take a moment to ask how. For it would be then that I would explain:

You are better than ever because:

1.) You love what you have and have what you love
2.) Family has mellowed you  and surrounded you with joy
3.) You have mended fences with those around you, as well as yourself
4.) You live for each moment rather than idle away waiting for the future
5.) Bon Jovi is still around, and he’s stinkin’ hotter than ever
6.) You discover your children grow up, and you become their friend
7.) You believe it’s the little things that make life so beautiful
8.) You’ve traveled all over and discovered some of the greatest treasures are right in your own backyard
9.) You have a strong core belief system
10.) You are the best you that you can be

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