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Centerstone Inn Hotel Near Kings Dominion

We stayed at Centerstone Inn in exchange for this post. All opinions and my love for travel and family remain my own.

Birthdays are a big deal at my house. For my 48th birthday, we woke up early, piled in the car and headed north to Doswell, just outside Richmond, Virginia to spend the day at my family’s favorite amusement park.

Arrival time was almost noon. The humidity is high, and the heat is rising. Our legs needed stretching and plans to tackle the park were in the making.

We checked in at the hotel, got our room keys and settled in.

centerstone inn in doswell, va

Conveniently located within walking distance of Kings Dominion’s Main Gate, Centerstone Inn is the perfect place for those looking to get the most of their day at the park, as well as those seeking rest and relaxation.

The kiddos loved the lobby and were disappointed check-in was speedy because they wanted to watch the floating bubbles longer.

centerstone inn lobby

I used Map My Walk app to show you just how close Centerstone Inn is to the Main Gate.

centerstone inn is within walking distance to kings dominion

We spent the afternoon at the park. I even rode a roller coaster that made me my son’s hero.

At around four returned to the hotel. It was so convenient to walk back, indulge in air conditioning and hydrate. We cleaned up for dinner and then walked next door to Denny’s. It was a great meal.

At around four returned to the hotel. It was so convenient to walk back, indulge in air conditioning and hydrate. We cleaned up for dinner and then walked next door to Denny’s. It was a great meal.

Back in the room, the kiddos explored and just relaxed.

centerstone inn lounging

The wood floors of the hotel room felt so good on my bare feet as I relaxed.

centerstone inn queen size bed

The kiddos loved that one could shower.

centerstone inn bathroom

While the other primped at the vanity outside the bathroom.

centerstone inn vanity

They also loved having their own bed.

center stone in double beds

After dinner and a bit of relaxing, we went out to explore.

Centerstone Inn has an amazing courtyard.

The pool was closed but will be opening for the season as a saltwater pool.

I love this concept.

The kiddos were so excited about the activities we could participate in as a family.

We started with tennis.

centerstone inn tennis court

It was kids vs. parents.

The kiddos were excellent smack talkers. Going on and on about how fast and agile they were and how it was about to be our day of reckoning.

They could not make contact with the ball.

Then, after about ten minutes, my son hit the ball, which zipped across the net.

There was no way I was letting it get by!

I ran, I dived, and I hit the ball as I fell.

Then my elbow skidded across the court.

I could see where the skin had peeled away on the green surface. I lay motionless.

My son laughed.

My husband chastised him, “What’s wrong with you? This is your mother! She’s hurt.”

And then my husband looked down and me and said, “Julee, you’re bleeding.”

I could only whimper, “I know.”

Then I took a deep breath, got up, and announced, “But I hit the ball back across the net so it’s Parents 1, Kids ZERO!”

centerstone inn tennis injury

People, my elbow burned. It burned for days.

Here we are three weeks later, and it still has scabs, and I wince when I brush against something.

But it earned my victory, and I’m celebrating.

After tennis, we took on the ping pong.

centerstone inn ping pong

It went well, except that the boy didn’t grasp it was a team sport.

He would have run from end to end to keep anyone else from making contact.

So, we moved on to Shuffleboard.

centerstone inn shuffleboard

The kiddos loved this game. We played for a while.

It was a nice break. The courtyard was quiet. There was plenty of equipment for us all to play together. It was a wonderful afternoon.

The hotel staff is friendly. I had wonderful conversations with the women behind the counter as we came in for new equipment.

They asked the kiddos who were winning, parents or them.

They laughed at the kiddo’s jokes and winked knowingly at me.

They even remembered my birthday.

centerstone inn birthday celebration

We love Kings Dominion and the Richmond, Virginia, area.

Our future stays will include Centerstone Inn for our overnight stay.

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