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Holiday Gift Guide: Tribond Game

Thinking Fast, Solving Riddles, Having Fun

Tribond is a game that challenges the mind and with its newest edition, there are over 1,000 new challenges and three exciting new ways to play! Tribond is built on one question, “What do these three things have in common?”

Get creative juices flowing and kicking into overdrive with The Will Shortz (of New York Times crossword puzzle fame) version of Tribond, because in addition to the ‘Classic’ approach to the game where three clues (such as Orchestra, Brad and Olive…and players are asked t find the common answer), the latest version also has a ‘Clue Me In’ category (the answer is provided and you make up the three clues. For example, what three clues* would you give if the answer is… SKATES). Add to this fun the new ‘Cryptic’ category (only two of three clues are provided…) and a ‘Misfit’ category (four clues are provided… such as DR. JOHNNY FEVER, LUKE DUKE, VENUS FLYTRAP AND LES NESSMAN. The player must guess which one doesn’t belong*) and you have a game geared for fun and challenge!

Having launched the original version of Tribond, we know that the appeal has always been that it tickles your brain and the more you play the better you get. You don’t feel as intimidated with Tribond compared to other knowledge-based games, and as a result, more people want to play,” notes Richard Albert, vice-president of marketing for RP Toys, the manufacturer for Tribond in Canada. “You don’t have to memorize trivia to get the answer. You just have to use the clues and a little imagination to find the answer.”

Albert adds that with the additional categories of play, “We have taken Tribond to a new level of fun for all ages. It’s a game that encourages friends and families to ‘bond’ or spend time together at a time when many kids are plugged in and tuned out.”

Find Tribond at most major retail stores in the US and Canada. Tribond has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of only $34.99! It’s recommended for ages 12 and up and has a play time of approximately one hour.

 *Answers to Tribond Questions Above:

  1. Orchestra, Brad, Olive: pit or Pitt
  2. Skates: possible answers include Roller, Ice, Inline, Hockey.
  3. Misfit is: Luke Duke… the rest are from WKRP in Cincinnati.

I received Tribond in order to facilitate an honest review. No other compensation was received. The opinions are my own, where expressed, and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.

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