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Simple Tastes Feature for Holiday Boxes

My children love giving; whether it is a birthday or holiday, they enjoy the feeling of picking out something and seeing the recipient’s joy. As they have learned, attending birthday parties, sometimes when you give you get something too…party favors. While they don’t expect them, they certainly are proud of any favor they receive, and they’ve learned giving favors is especially joyous.

The Divine Miss M has a birthday on New Year’s Eve. She was upset last year in Kindergarten because school was out, and she didn’t get that special day (they lump holiday birthdays together). This year we planned ahead, and she’ll be having a party AND sharing birthday treats at school BEFORE her actual birthday. This is BIG!

While looking for something that fit in with her theme and would be fun to give, we landed in an Etsy shop named Simple Tastes. Angilyn owns it, and to my amazement, she’s just a few towns down the road from us in South Jordan, Utah.

What started as a plan to sell hand-dipped chocolates; hence the name, Simple Tastes, became something far greater. “I initially planned to sell hand-dipped chocolates, and I wanted a shop name that fit well for food. I based it on the phrase, “Our tastes are simple; we only want the best.” I had this great idea to sell the chocolates in a hand-folded box, but since I opened shop early in the summer, I started with just boxes and planned to add chocolates to my shop later in the fall. It turned out that I never had time to add the candy. I spend so much time making boxes and other party favors that I have to let people fill them with their own goodies.”

Like my children, when Angilyn was asked about a favorite holiday tradition, she exclaimed, “I love birthdays; my birthday, my kid’s birthdays, Jesus’ birthday… I love excitement and making people feel special. We have a red plate that we use just for special occasions, and it has the words “You are special today” printed around the edge. The birthday girl/boy gets to eat off the red plate, and we all look forward to our turn to use it.”

One visit to Simple Tastes, and you’ll find some amazing folded creations. My kiddos love the Lollipop Favors. Angilyn’s favorite creation? “My children. Does that count? :) I actually really love the cupcake boxes that I designed. It’s fun to have a unique item that I know people can’t get anywhere else.”

Simple Tastes is a shop that features year-round appeal. “I”m lucky that people have birthdays, weddings, and babies year-round. And there’s always a fun holiday to look forward to.”   

Utah has some serious talent. Angilyn shares where she learned hers. “I learned to fold boxes and make chocolates from my grandmother. I was so impressed at the things she made, and once she taught me, I felt like it was something I was meant to do. It clicked.”

When it comes to accomplishments, Angilyn has a few but says, “For now, I feel like it’s a big accomplishment to have happy kids at the end of the day. They are patient with me when I’m working, and it can get a little crazy trying to balance my time between the two, but raising my kids is definitely the thing I’m most proud of.”

Inspiration can be found in “Color. I love colors, and when different color schemes catch my eye, I automatically start thinking of things I could make with those combinations. Holidays also keep me thinking of new ideas. If only I had the time to make them all.”

Angilyn’s storefront keeps her busy, and when she isn’t folding paper, she indulges in a few of her favorite things. “I enjoy baking, reading, and playing word games. I also like to color with my little ones, and I love a fresh new box of crayons.”

Your favorite quote: “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear, and the blind can see.” – Mark Twain.

Want to know more about Angilyn? “I’m a mother of five children; one girl and four boys. I’m sure my house is the loudest on the block, but I wouldn’t trade my noisemakers for anything.”

Visit Simple Tastes to discover some really great and unique gifts perfect for giving!

I was not compensated in any way for this post. It is an Etsy Shop I have purchased from and loved the service and product. Other experiences may vary. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor.

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