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Hershey Drops-Share a Little Happiness

Last month I saw the cutest candies at the store, Hershey’s Drops! We had to buy a bag and as we rolled them on our tongue we discovered Hershey’s and happiness go hand in hand.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the ins and outs of everyday life. Our schedule, coordinating pick-ups and drop-offs and those unexpected moments that make us frazzled. It’s enough to make anyone bonkers. It’s these very times when we have to step back and discover the happiness in our lives. 

I learn from my children how best to share happiness with someone. I watch as they lay belly-down on the floor and draw pictures of their favorite things. Then one will say, “Oh, I LOVE this color!” and hand that very crayon off to their sibling to discover all the beauty bundled in that wax!

For Valentine’s Day I made my husband a candy roll. It is like a crayon roll, only instead of crayons, I used old-fashioned candy sticks…his favorite! This morning he shared his happiness by taping two together and from the ceiling with a long strand of scotch tape, hung them in the middle of a doorway with a love note for our children. It was a gesture that started their day with so much joy!

 Today, out of the blue, I made it a point to call my grandma. I see her often and we speak nearly every day, but today I called just to tell her how blessed I was to have her in my life. How fortunate we were to have such a strong Grandmother-Grand-Daughter relationship. My happiest times have been shared with her.

That phone call made me feel so good that I spent some time connecting through email and Facebook with friends and family I don’t see nearly often enough. I let them know that I love them and shared a personal moment we have spent together that brought amazing happiness and made my life better for experiencing it.

I don’t think Hershey’s invented happiness, but they have done a darn good job at making me realize how simple it can be.

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