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Freckles Galore! Crayon Roll Up Review

Crayon Roll Up Review
Who doesn’t love crayons? Our Creation Station is filled with them. My kiddos collect them when we are out and about–even those waxy ones that really don’t have “color”! I wrote last month about Freckles Galore and her ingenious Crayon Roll-Ups.  We just received one in the mail from Carrie and Holy Crayola! Crayon Roll Ups ROCK!
Carrie sent us the Freckles Galore Camo Speckled Frog Crayon Roll Up. The picture in  her storefront does NOT do her Crayon Roll Ups justice. I LOVE the green 1″ grosgrain ribbon that ties the roll “up”. It is really a great accent that gives the roll up a “finished” touch. As it is, it would make an absolutely adorable birthday present or be the highlight of a craft basket for a teacher or child.
The flannel she uses is super soft and BRIGHTLY colored. The frogs seriously look as if they’re going to leap out at you! My kiddos thought the frogs were “sooooo cute!” I have to agree. It’s a fun fabric that inspires creativity!

The side that holds the crayons is complimented with an equally soft flannel. The polka dots are perfect against this frog print. Inside each slot is a crayola crayon. My kiddos are SO excited about the new crayons!


The craftsmanship Carrie’s work displays is beautiful. The crayon slots are perfectly measured. The threads are all trimmed. The ribbon is securely attached. There is a “finish” stitch around the entire Crayola Roll Up making this a very professional piece. It’s truly something Freckles Galore is proud to put their name on…and they do!

I truly believed Crayola Roll Ups were brilliant, but after seeing, feeling and experiencing Freckles Galore in my hands and home, I can, without doubt, tell you to get one, you will NOT be disappointed! My children love it so much they are willing to share just to get to use it!

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