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Reading Glasses Shopper Review

Allow me to share with you that forty is not for wimps. I am constantly reminded, while I am out and about that my mind may think I’m still a young, twenty-something whipper snapper, however, my body is right there reminding me that we are not. Yup! Time is not our friend, as we age, so does our body.

Age sneaks up on us. By twenty four I was predominately gray haired. I learned to adapt with hair coloring. My frivolous sun-worship eventually caught up with me, embedding fine wrinkles in my skin and then came a biggie, my eyesight. I rebel but the truth is, when it comes to one of my favorite past-times, reading, I need help.

Out of desperation, I have grabbed a less than flattering pair of over the counter reading glasses. My husband taunts me, using my own words, “I’m going to be an eccentric grandma with my own style” and then he mentions that glasses. So when I was given the opportunity to review a pair of reading glasses, I set out to make my husband eat those snide words and erase frumpy from my style.


Thanks to Reading Glasses Shopper and Family Reveiw Network, I was given the opportunity to transform frumpy into fabulous! I picked The Bella style. I love the deep purple and the floral print on the arms is dainty and definitely not something anyone would dare call “frumpy”. It was difficult to make a decision as Reading Glasses Shopper has a huge selection with a lot of fun colors and styles.


About Reading Glasses Shopper
Reading Glasses Shopper is one of the top online discount reading glasses retailers. They offer quality reading glasses at an affordable price. They work directly with manufacturers in order to pass the savings on to you. They offer a variety of men’s reading glasses and women’s reading glasses. They have many styles such as full frame, half frame, bifocal reading glasses, reading sunglasses and many more.

One of the features on the Reading Glasses Shopper website that I love is that they have a place to figure out what type of glasses you need and a section dedicated to eye health. Reading Glasses Glossary and Eye Health Glossary are excellent resources!

Check out some of the styles they offer

The Michelle
The Terryl
The Baker

Reading Glasses Shopper is dynamic, boasting:

•Easy navigation on site you can shop by gender, style, power or specials
•Free Shipping on all orders over $30.00
•No Sales tax
•100 % Secure Site
•Money Back Guarantee
•They have an actual store front
•Customer Service is their FIRST Priority

You’ll find several types of glasses for both women and men. It’s an amazing selection:
•Reading Sunglasses
•Bi focal Reading Glasses
•Computer Glasses
•Folding and Compact Glasses
•Half Frame
•Full Frame
•Fit Over Sunglasses

And the price is impressive. Just $20 for most pairs, though a few are more.
Take it from someone who was just shopping the rack at the check out stand, for the same price, you can purchase your reading glasses online atReading Glasses Shopper. You’ll look like a rockstar and enjoy the look age has forced you into—only you won’t be kicking and screaming!

Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I  received the item mentiomed in this post from the sponsor.. The opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.
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