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Joey Junior Purse Mate Organizer

Joey Junior Purse Mate Organizer

My purse is an extension of my busy schedule.

It is my catch-all, collecting business cards, souvenirs the children must have, coupons, and anything else I deem worthy to “look at later.” 

My purse has carried a change of clothing, snacks, bottles of water, keys, cell phone, wallet, coupon organizer, and more.

The result is a messy handbag.  Needless to say, finding any one of these items in an instant is simply not going to happen!

Now there’s a solution to the clutter. Joey Jr. Purse Mate Organizer.

You may have seen Joey Junior in InStyle Magazine or the Rachel Ray Show.

My favorite purses are Coach.
My mom sent me one for Christmas and another one for my birthday.
She kept asking if I had used them.
I always answered, “I don’t want to get ink, lipstick, blah, blah, blah all over the inside.”
So the Coach purses hung in my closet.
It was like visiting an adult petting zoo…I’d view them, stroke them, love them, but refused to use one!
I was sent the Joey Junior Purse Mate Organizer, and I love it. It is super easy to change purses, simply pull the Joey Jr. Purse Mate Organizer out of one purse and move it to another.

This is my purse before I organized with the Joey Jr. Purse Mate Organizer.

There’s no digging through the mess to find anything in your purse with the Joey Jr. Purse Mate Organizer.

With it’s 5″x26″ size, it fits most medium to large size purses. 

The organization is a cinch with its six pockets, a business card pocket, and, my favorite feature, and a key clip make finding keys a breeze!

This is my purse with the Joey Jr. Purse Mate Organizer Make Over!
Joey Junior also offers a mini size purse organizer.
This Mini Purse Mate by Joey Junior, designed especially for smaller handbags and evening bags.
It measures 4-1/4″x 7-1/2″ for your smaller purse.
With four pockets and a key clip, there’s no end to what that purse can hold. 
Your cell phone in one pocket;  sunglasses in another pocket. Include your credit cards, cash, driver’s license, and event tickets in another.
Perfect your look in an instant with that fourth pocket, and it’s contents of lipstick and compact.
Your set for a great evening! 
When the party’s over- there is an oversized lobster claw clasp attached to a six-inch lead that makes finding your keys effortless!

With a  wide array of colors, patterns, and fabrics, there’s a Joey Jr. Purse Mate Organizer for any purse or personality!

There are a few things my OCD gets set on fire over. Putting my purse on the floor is one of them.
Think about it; people walk, spit, and more on the ground.
Then we set our purses down and voila!
It’s a germ-catching entity.
Joey Jr. also creates a purse hanger that holds up to 17 pounds (yeah, no wonder you have back issues if you’re haulin’ a purse that packed).
The amazing part is the Purse Hanger weighs less than 2 oz.
And is compact enough to fit in your purse!

Even celebrities seek organization.

You’ll find a  Joey Junior Purse Mates inside the handbags of Angelina Jolie, Courtney Cox-Arquette, Sharon Stone, Megan Mullally, and Molly Simms.

My experience with the Joey Junior Purse Mate Organizer is that it is durable and well constructed. 

I can switch handbags in an instant, without disclosing I’m inherently lazy. I’m no longer a slave to my pocketbook.

I don’t hold up the line at the grocery store, searching for my wallet or the ringing cell phone.

It’s all right there.


The  Joey Junior Purse Mate Purse Organizer retails for $20, crafted in leather, or  $25 for suede.

If you prefer smaller bags, Mini Purse Organizer retails for $15 and $20 for suede.

The Joey Jr. Purse Hanger retails for $19.95.

Joey Jr. Purse Mate Purse Organizer and Purse Hanger can be purchased directly through the Joey Junior Website.

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post.  I received the item mentioned in this post from the sponsor to facilitate my review.  The opinions are my own and in no way influenced by the sponsor. Other experiences may vary.
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