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Fixer Upper: Bedroom Demolition Day 6

A day of rest and we’re back it, Day 6 and we’re taking on the bedrooms.

While my husband tears out sheet rock and insulation, my dad will be cleaning up the living room and kitchen from their demolition with his shop vac.

dad's house home remodel clean up

My husband decides to finish the demolition of the bedroom in the front of the house.

dad's house front bedroom before

By all accounts, it appears okay. This room has some ceiling damage and missing windows.

We already know the insulation is covered in mildew inside the walls, and most of the house is down to bare bones, so this room is coming out.

Not too far into it, the inside walls are crawling. There are huge roach colonies in the walls. Not just roaches, GIANT roaches.

dad's house front bedroom roaches

Finally, in between stomping roaches and pulling off sheetrock, we are down to bare walls.

home remodel front bedroom

It’s time to take on the back bedroom.

dad's house front bedroom before

This room is the best room in the house. Aside from the color of the paint, and windows, it looks livable.

Those words will come back to haunt me as soon as we start removing sheetrock.

dad's house home remodel snake skeleton in walls

The black specks on the floor are mouse and snake poop. There’s a lot of that, but take a look at what is INSIDE the walls. A snake SKELETON!!

Sort of makes you wonder what’s inside your house walls; right?!

Hours later, we have demolition.

dad's house back bedroom

Both bedrooms have been stripped to the studs. We have sprayed the walls with bleach to kill the mold and mildew (and hopefully the critters that took up residence)!

dad's house looking from back bedroom

This is the view from the back bedroom looking through the hallway into the living room.

Six days and my husband and dad have done the demolition in the:

Be sure and check out the beginning, where you can see the house as it was bought.

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