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Fixer Upper: Bathroom Demolition Day 3

Yesterday, we did the kitchen demolition.

There was one more wall that needed to be demolished. It was where today’s project began.

dad's house kitchen demolition back wall.

and then the area designated for the dining room.

dad's house kitchen demoliton dining area

The plan now was to remove the flooring.

After looking at the layers of linoleum and plywood, my husband decided his back couldn’t take that on today, so they started on the bathroom demolition.

dad's house bathroom before

One more view before it goes.

dad's house bathroom demolition before it all comes out

My dad is exhausted.

He is tasked with using the shop vacuum to vacuum all the dust and bug droppings still in the kitchen.

dad's house dad shop vacumming the kitchen

Then my husband sets to taking out bathroom walls.

dad's house bathroom demolition looking through to kitchen

dad's house bathroom demolition looking through kitchen wall

It is still undecided, but the bathtub insert may be coming out.

Starting this project in the middle of summer, with the heat and humidity, may not have been the best idea, but it is coming along.

The house has a wonderful porch where they guys are rehydrating and resting.

Today they also went into the attic.

It is home to bats and a lot more snake skins.

My husband didn’t stay up in the attic long once he saw the snake skins. Dropping the ceiling should be interesting. I suppose they are going to draw straws to see who is going up there?


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