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Five Lessons Every Kid Should Learn

Teach Them and Our World Becomes Better

As a mom to many, I realize my failures. They are evident in the children growing. It’s my downfall that I am not perfect, but as I tell my children, “I was the best mom I could be under the circumstances of any given moment”.
Through the years I’ve written many journal entries on my shortcomings as a mother; however, here are my top Five Lessons Every Kid Should Learn:


     Holding a grudge only harms you. Forgive what you cannot control. Rise above the situation and open your heart to those who wronged you. It may be you asking for forgiveness and you would want the same.


      Bless others with the bounty you possess. Whether you are sharing an idea, a snack, and a moment. Share what you have and pass along a smile.


      Our country is great because of those before us who volunteered their lives, their freedoms, and the time.
      Keep our country great by volunteering your time within your family, your community, and your country.

Speak Up.

      If you are passionate, share it. If you have an opinion speak up. Accept that others may not agree, but know that you are perhaps pointing out something that may (or may not) change or open their mind.

Be Polite.

      Never forget your please and thank you. You may not like the gift you were given today, but be polite anyway, it might just lead to what your heart desires.

What are your five lessons every kid should learn?

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