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3 Top Tips for Finding Great Deals on New Furniture

Buying new furniture tends to be an ideal investment when designing the interior look and feel of a new home, and with online retailers offering free shipping on discount furniture sets, buying a new piece or two can sometimes be the more cost-effective option.

If you want to stay within your budget when buying new furniture, you’ll need to know how to find the cheapest new furniture on the market. Here are three things you need to know if you want to score great deals on new pieces: 

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3 Top Tips for Finding Great Deals on New Furniture

1. Shop Clearance, Closeout, and Outlet Furniture Items

Visiting physical furniture storefronts, such as Jerome’s, is still preferred by many interior designers, as they can get an up-close and personal look of specific pieces before buying them.

 Of course, when it comes to costs, one surefire way to save money is to head straight for the clearance section to see if any pieces or sets would be ideal for any number of rooms in your home.

A certain percentage discounts a furniture item on clearance, often when the store wants to remove it to make room for new inventory to be put out.

Knowing this, time your furniture shopping around a holiday or promotional event like Black Friday since you can find closeout items at a low discount.

Additionally, check out factory outlet stores, which sell new furniture pieces from the manufacturer at steep discounts.

Typically, clearance, closeout, and outlet pieces come with a warranty, so try to leverage any of these deals when shopping for new furniture.

2. Buy Sets Rather than Single Furniture Pieces

You’ll always pay more when you buy bedroom, dining room, or living room furniture piece by piece rather than as a complete set.

With that in mind, shop for furniture sets before looking at individual pieces, if looking for your living room look, or buy lounge suites that work for your space before purchasing anything else.

Then, you can fill the gaps with any individual pieces as you deem fit.

The other benefit of buying furniture in complete sets is that it tends to make rooms look and feel more harmonious in nature rather than haphazard.

And since you’ll deal with fewer retailers and can get several pieces delivered at once, buying furniture sets makes the entire shopping process faster and easier (Money).

3. Shop Discount Retailers

As e-commerce continues to dominate the retail landscape, many big-box furniture stores are shutting down their physical storefront locations due to slower business and uncompetitive pricing.

Indeed, online retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, and provide a more seamless shopping experience and often provide free shipping on items over a certain price.

But while buying online means assembly isn’t necessarily included — and what a pain assembly tends to be — you can often save more money by shopping online versus visiting brick-and-mortar storefront locations like Best Buy, Target, and Kohls.

Additionally, make sure to look for furniture online that comes with a warranty, as this type of protection can help safeguard your investment in case you get a defective or broken item in the mail.

Getting the Best Deals on New Furniture

Whether you prefer to shop online or test out the comfort of a couch at a retailer before you buy it, either way, you can find great deals if you know where to look.

Plus, buying new furniture means you’ll get a high-quality product and a warranty if something goes wrong.

You can find great quality pieces at reasonable prices by putting these three tips into action — and having the patience and determination that these tasks demand.

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