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How Do You Feed A Hungry Giant? Children’s Book Review

We read a lot in our house and recently just finished How Do You Feed a Hungry Giant? by Caitlin Freidman. It was fantastic. As an adult, I love reading; as a child I loved reading books. I am a total believer in this quote:

“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.” — Jacqueline Kennedy

I want my children to have the passion for reading of my sister. How Do You Feed a Hungry Giant is a book that allows them to experience the joys of reading and the fun of imagination.

Let me first state the obvious, How Do You Feed a Hungry Giant is a pop-up book. That’s pretty much all it takes to gain the interest of Li’l Man. He LOVES pop-up books- even the dilapidated ones at the library! Of course, when I announced, “Mom has a new book, and it’s a pop-up!” Li’l Man was the first to arrive for story-time snuggling.

Since the word “Hungry” was in the title and I’m a foodie, I had a feeling I was going to enjoy this book.

The Divine Miss M is all about friendship, which is a theme of this book.

How Do You Feed A Hungry Giant? Children’s Book Review

We have read books together that I have yawned my way through and wondered how many more pages there could possibly be before the ending came–that was not at all the feeling as I was reading this book. It reads with a great flow. It ended just as I felt I was warming up. We actually read it three times in one sitting and giggled and gafawed our way through each time.

My kiddos are crazy about this book.  The pop-ups are clever. They are firm cardboard and they actually tuck inside the book. The thickness is that of a board book and nestled inside are items to discover—things like the Hungry Giant, a talking dog, the mother. There’s Li’l Man’s favorite: peanut butter. There’s my favorite: CUPCAKES! It’s fun!

The book is about a boy named Oscar who discovers a giant in his backyard. With good reason, Oscar is surprised and a tad frightened. Then the giant holds up a sign that reads “Food Please”. Oscar is caring and tries to help the Hungry Giant, who consumes: three big bunches of green grapes, four chicken quesadillas, chocolate milk (we’re talking 15 HUGE bottles, 197 chocolate chip cookies, Nana’s World-Famous tomato soup (by the POT) and still the giant’s tummy rumbles in hunger! This is where mom is enlisted.

This book is interactive with the flaps, fold-outs and pop-ups; however, I appreciate that it delivers a message about helping others.

How to Feed a Hungry Giant also comes with a small recipe book (in the front) with eight recipes. We’re talking recipes to feed a hungry giant like Pizza Sized Chocolate Chip Cookie, Ginormous Blueberry Muffin, Broccolini Trees with Cheese, a Pasta Mountain and more!

How to Feed a Hungry Giant Book Trailer:

About the Author

Learn more about the author is the Q&A with Caitlin Friedman.

Author: Caitlin Friedman
Illustrator: Shaw Nielsen
Format: Hardcover Interactive
Published: Workman, 2011

*I received a copy of How Do You Feed a Hungry Giant? in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.

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