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Faux Finishes Ideas For Your Home And Office

A popular interior decorating trend, faux finishes, began in the ’90s when people grew tired of wallpaper and started to use faux finishes on their walls. They are just one way of making those non-traditional touches in your home and office look real. Believe it or not, you can actually transform your residence and workplace just using faux paints. There are several varieties and various techniques that allow you to find the one that is suitable for pretty much any home or office owner.

Tips for Using a Faux Finish

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to use a faux finish in just the rooms where you want to add a shabby chic motif or have a rustic appearance. You can use it on any wall where you want to add an ostentatious and luxurious look. You can easily use it as an accent wall behind a fireplace and add some paintings that add a nice finishing touch to some high-end furniture pieces.

If you have a lot of bare walls, faux finishes will add the needed depth and character. Which to choose is up to your personal preferences. Most people love the luxurious appearance of a metallic faux finish especially in the workplace. Another option is the rustic feel of a crackled faux finish for a homey ambiance. Remember that there is a faux finish out there for everyone, and you can even do it yourself if you don’t want to hire a professional painter. No matter which faux finish you choose, your space will have an enhanced appearance that you will love.

Remember when using a rustic faux finish that your emphasis is typically on wooden fixtures and furniture. Look for wooden center tables and cabinets to achieve an overall rustic appearance. You may also want to install some hardwood floors and throw in leather touches with a nice leather sofa. If you have a low ceiling in the room, you could also install pallet woods on the ceiling to create a both modern and rustic design by placing a chandelier in the middle

You can also combine a modern and rustic look by adding a mirror, chandelier, white sofa, and lamp shades to a modern feel in the midst of a rustic design. This creates a nice contrast that still works well together. Add a rugged wooden door to the room to complete the look.

The rustic look is also a good choice for a large and airy space, especially if you have a lovely rustic fireplace or a cozy nook in the corner. The overall feel can end up being very relaxing and cozy, particularly if you have lots of windows, which will also give you lots of light in the daytime.

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Faux Ideas

Ranging from textured to smooth finishes, faux finishes can have a very smooth finish that resembles satin or silk to rough and grainy finishes that resemble chalk or sand. These types of faux finishes can add a distinctive look to any area. You can easily transform your space using a visually stunning effect on your walls that was created by a faux paint. Here are a few faux painting ideas that will add glamour to any home or office.

Marbling Faux Finish

A fun way to add a different look to your place is to try a marble faux finish. This is an easy way to give a room a distinct look of class and luxury when you aren’t able to afford marble on its own. The use of a faux marble finish allows the room to have an opulent and luxurious feel to it that’s hard to achieve when you are on a budget.

Silk Faux Finish

Using a faux silk finish can give any area an ethereal appearance, and you can use it to compliment other furnishings like rugs and light fixtures. All the elements can mix to give an air of luxury and opulence.

Geometric Faux Paintings

Another fun idea is a geometric faux finish. This type of painting can add a certain charm, particularly when it’s used in certain rooms. You can also add furnishings like pillows that will complement the design on the wall to help create a look of synchronization and harmony, which is aesthetically pleasing.

Rustic Faux Painting

Many people are in love with the rustic faux finish, particularly the Mediterranean look. It’s easy to use this look without costing a lot of money. This faux finish on a wall is a great way to transform a room and add some old-world charm to it. You can complement this finish with sparse but adequate furnishings to help the room carry on the look of old-world sophistication and charm.

Brick Faux Finish

Some home or office owners really love having natural elements decor. Using a faux brick finish will help you achieve that warm charm. A brick accented wall can make a room feel more aesthetically pleasing and also give an added old-world charm feel.

Metallic Faux Finish

Another way to create a glamorous old-world feel in the office or your residence is by using a faux finish that has a metallic hue. With this finish, you can use all the elements of a room together to provide a room with ab ethereal beauty. The metallic faux finish gives a shabby-chic appeal, character, or a feel of a bygone time.

Suede Faux Finish

For those that love the smooth finish you get from a suede material, a faux suede finish gives you that smooth texture that gives you a classy, overall appearance. When you pair it with textured furnishings like carpets and wood furniture, it creates a nice juxtaposition of the various textures gives the room a quaint and charming look.

Crackle Faux Finish

Just like the name suggests, the crackle faux finish looks like a cracked finish on your wall. While it may sound odd, this is a look that gives you a unique look as well as character to a wall.

Glaze Faux Finish

When you add a glazed faux finish to a room, you can increase the room’s brightness and turn an otherwise dreary and dark wall into a warm and welcoming space. You can quickly perk up any room by using a glazed faux finish on your walls and adding complementary furniture to complete the look.


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