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Crucial Facts about Air Soft Gel Blasters to Know Before You Purchase

It’s essential to know about a product before you buy it. The same applies to a gel blaster. 

According to, once you know more about the product build and design of the gel blasters, you can arrive at the best purchasing decision.

What are gel blasters?

Simply put, get blasters are also called gel blaster guns, gel makers, hydro makers, and the like.

It is a toy gun that is very similar to a paintball.

The impact is the same, and the damage caused is more minor.

The gel balls are soft and can break easily.

Do you want an alternative to a paintball that will not mess up the property and ambiance around?

If yes, then you can check out the SMG Gel Blaster.

It uses water-based superabsorbent polymer water beds, also called gel beads, gel balls, or water bullets.

All these get sold for toys commercially.

Simply put, gel blasters are also called gel guns, gel makers, hydro makers, and the like.

How do they get used?

The gel blasters get used in skirmish-style games.

It also gets used on local clubs and respective squads’ fields.

The players are usually called gel gamers.

The gel ball comes with a dramatic feel, and all players need to maintain ample safety.

Understanding the design

Understanding the model or the gel blasters is essential before purchasing one. 

It is essential to understand the model or the gel blasters before purchasing one. 

Some of the crucial facts are:

The standard design of the gel blasters has got a specialized gearbox.

It can feed only a 7-8mm coil of gel ball spring present inside the piston.

The electric gearbox gets powered either by green gas or batteries.

Compared to the paintball capsules, the water beads are softer and can fragment under pressure.

Also, there is a small propelling pump that gives the low-pressure output.

The gel blasters come with significantly less kinetic energy and have a short-range.

There might be some issues with accuracy.

Today, you can have access to the muzzle-mounted friction devices as well.

The gel blasters are easy to use and safe to play with.

Udon’tdon’t have to worry about any problematic side effects.

The water beads are cheap and can get transported to packets.

You need to soak it in water just a few hours before the play.

It is easy to clean as the water beads break on any impact.

It also dehydrates in small slush powder fragments, which biodegrade with time.

Initially, the gel blaster makers or manufacturers used paintball-type top-mounted hoppers, which depend on gravity to load the water beads while shooting.

In recent times, i.e., from 2016 onwards, there were gel ball magazines that came equipped with inbuilt motors.

These devices soaked up very little power from the primary batteries for driving a cogwheel while gently pushing the water beads on the feeding tube.

It has become increasingly popular in the market today.

Once you know these facts, you can read the device description online and understand the features better.

It will help you to purchase the exact model that you want.

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