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Fab Kids Radman Graphics Tee Review

We received the FabKids Radman Graphic Tee and Fabkids Denim jeans in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

School’s been canceled for a week at a time, followed by days off here and there. Li’l Man’s feeling cabin fever and a need to express himself. FabKids offers a selection of fun graphic tees to keep his mood moving and express himself no matter what Snomageddon throws his way…clothes that are fun, comfortable, and trendy. I love the FabKids brand because it wears well, and my kiddos think the clothing is extremely comfortable.


Fabkids graphic radman tee

Fab Kids Clothing is a kids’ online clothing website that offers inexpensive clothes for kids. Fresh, Trendy styles in the season’s vibrant colors make this brand one of Li’l Man’s favorites! Outfits start at $29.95 making it a brand I don’t wince over when it comes to getting him new clothes.

FabKids is joined by Creative Partner, celebrity mom Christina Applegate. The company and Applegate have been together since the brand launched in 2012. Applegate loves the brand for the same reasons my children do, “I love the bright colors and the playful vibe of our new spring collections.”

This Radman Long-sleeved graphic tee is fun. It features a bright yellow, red, and teal graphic with RADMAN  written above a superhero that Li’l Man feels can pass for The Flash and the word Alright! Beneath. This is probably the softest shirt I’ve ever felt. It’s incredibly soft!

fabkids radman snowman fight

For Li’l Man, jeans are his go-to! We both love FabKids jeans. They are denim and comfortable. They offer styles with adjustable waistbands as well.

The best part is FabKids is a service that offers a selection each month that’s customized to fit your son and his personality. When you sign up, a brief survey asks about your son, his size, favorite color, and style.

This shirt makes Li’l Man feel like a superhero, no matter how much or little snow is on the ground.

fabkids radman tee

Discover what else makes FabKids a brand you’ll come to love by connecting with FabKids Facebook page.

FabKids is quality clothing that makes shopping from a kid’s online clothing website a cinch for Mom, son, and budget.


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