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Essential Fishing Tools You’ll Need for First Time Anglers

We all look for comfort and relaxation, and you’re considering fishing! Here are essential fishing tools for the first time angler.

With a chance to put your feet up and de-stress, you will be sure to find the freshwater fishing experience just as invigorating as a nice, pleasant trip to your spa of choice.

Although lounging underneath the sun on a quiet day will see to it that your worries are fixed and your troubles are put to rest, there are a few things you might want to worry about the plan beforehand, like the equipment needed, especially if you’re a first-time angler.

fishing rods, nets and reels part of essential fishing tools

Essential Fishing Tools You’ll Need for First Time Anglers

Essential Equipment

If you are a first-time angler, there are a few things you will need.

All of these will make your first fishing experience more enjoyable and help you gain appreciation for this trip.

Rod & Reel

Your fishing experience depends on your rod and reel, and as you have probably suspected, they come in various shapes and sizes.

Ideally, you will want a rod & reel that can be used for both bait fishing and lure fishing.

small boy carrying fishing rod

Fish finders

If you are a first-time angler, it’s likely that you don’t know how or where to find the fish.

The scientists of the world have fixed that and offer the perfect solution: fish finders.

Fish finders will easily guide you to where you need to be.

The fishing advisors over at fishfinders explain that you increase the likelihood of locating and catching the fish you are after with the right fish finder.

They use both GPS and sonar, and some are designed to function in various environments.

man on dock fishing at sunset


Seeing as how you will probably go fishing when the sun is at its apex, safety is very important.

Especially since water reflects light, which causes burns to happen faster.

Be sure to use sunscreen.


When getting a tackle, you will, as a first-time angler, look for three main types: floats, hooks, and weights.

Weights keep your bait safely underwater, while floats help keep your bait from sinking to the bottom.


Lines refer to fishing lines, and they can come in different shapes and sizes, as well as different materials.

You will have your line that has a relatively large diameter, which will mean it is stronger, and then the line that is smaller and thus weaker.

Look for lines that are buoyant and relatively inconspicuous, preferably invisible, underwater.

man fishing with fish on line

Live Bait & Lures

You cannot start fishing without live bait and lures says Fix.

You will tie your bait to the hook, lace it with some nightcrawler, and then just wait as an unsuspecting fish comes over looking for dinner.

You should keep your eyes on the float in the meantime.

However, use a lure if you are looking for something more challenging than the bait.

When getting your fishing essentials, you will want to do your homework beforehand and understand the different kinds of tools the market offers.

This will equip you with better and more appropriate gear proportionate to your fishing skill level.

Also, a first-timer will benefit significantly from fish finders, as they will make your whole experience much more enjoyable, increasing the likelihood of catching a fish.

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