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6 Ways to Lower Your Business Energy Costs

There is no denying that small businesses cost an arm and a leg to run, manage, or keep alive. One of the biggest causes of headaches might be energy and your business energy costs.

Energy Star was created in 1992 to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and provide the highest-performing appliances.

Does your business play a part in that? It could, even without you knowing.

Without even noticing, your office could silently be consuming more electricity than previously thought.

Here are several ways to help your business lower energy expenses.

6 Ways to Lower Your Business Energy Costs


Audit Your Energy

Energy audits are performed to show you what your baseline use is for energy.

Check to see if your electric utility company offers a free audit for your area.

This is crucial because an inspector will come to your office to see any air leaks, insulation troubles, or areas requiring updated lighting.

Phantom Energy

Do you know the exact amount of energy usage of all of your computers, microwaves, coffee makers, monitors, and printers use? (learn more on

Not knowing could be the reason why your electric bill is so high. You can use a utility bill estimator to know your electricity usage in your property.

Even devices that are in sleep or hibernation mode still consume electricity – although minimal.

Turn these devices off when your office closes for the night.

If possible, try to plug as many of them into a single power strip so they can all be turned off at once to reduce “phantom electricity” or “Vampire power.” (how stuff works explain more.)

white pigeons on electrical wire with black bird swooping in representing phantom energy

Upgrade Equipment

There is a lot of office equipment that can be upgraded to Energy Star-rated consumption.

These industry appliances are energy-efficient, thus saving you money and lowering the effect of greenhouse gases used to transform that energy into electricity.

Every dollar counts when you’re running a small business.

Energy Audit

Having a programmable thermostat that automatically adjusts temperatures is amazing.

This is because your work office’s heating and cooling is automated, which is a godsend when the office is closed.

To save even more, try to find a no deposit electricity supplier that doesn’t charge you a deposit.

You can also set your thermostat only one degree down during winters – and one degree upwards for the summer.

Just making this “one little degree” change can reduce the power that the thermostat uses by a whopping 10%.

Use Natural Sunlight

When the sun shines, turn off office lights.

Keeping the blinds open during the day reduces your lighting needs – thereby taking some of the weight off your electricity bill.

At the same time, you can inspect areas of the office that may be using too many lighting systems and remove them to compensate for natural light.

sunshine coming in through window during morning

Go Green(er)

Believe it or not, planting landscaping that provides a mammoth of shade is valuable.

Not only do they produce immense shade coverage during hot summers, but they also protect the office from shivering winds during the winter.

This means your office requires less energy for heating and cooling.

You should also consider installing solar panels, which are a clean source of renewable energy.

Their investment pays off in dividends in the long run. However, if installing solar panels is currently not a choice for you, you can still turn to a renewable energy supplier.

The important thing to note here is first to ensure you compare the prices of the different green electricity providers in your region so that you get the best utility rates.


Cutting down on electricity and energy costs doesn’t require a dramatic overhaul.

Although taking this path does require a bit of strategic thinking, the effects are gargantuan.

Another tactic you can use is to implement an energy reduction mantra in your staff’s operations; when everyone is more energy conscious, the entire company saves money for the long haul.

Follow these tips, and you can use more of your budget towards more crucial matters such as employees’ salaries, rental space, marketing, and so on.


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