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Disney’s Hyperion Bungalow and Silver Room Tour

Ah, hello there, friends! It’s a pleasure to have you join me in the magical world of Disney. Allow me to whisk you away to an enchanting corner of imagination – the wondrous Hyperion Bungalow and the splendid Silver Room. These are no ordinary spaces; they are where dreams come to life, where stories leap from the pages of storybooks and dance around you like playful fireflies.

Step into the Hyperion Bungalow, a haven of creativity nestled within the heart of our magical kingdom. Here, artists and dreamers gather to bring beloved characters to life with every brushstroke, every stroke of a pen, and every tap of a keyboard. It’s a place where the impossible becomes possible and where laughter, inspiration, and innovation are as abundant as pixie dust.

But that’s not all, dear friends! As we journey further into this fantastical realm, we arrive at the Silver Room – a chamber of elegance and grace, where sophistication meets storytelling. Here, the glimmering tales of old come alive in a symphony of design and ambiance. It’s a place where cherished memories are woven into the very fabric of the surroundings, inviting you to relive timeless adventures and create new ones.

So, my friends, whether you find yourself in the whimsical embrace of the Hyperion Bungalow or the refined allure of the Silver Room, you’re in for a treat beyond your wildest dreams. It’s moments like these that remind us all that within every heart, young and old, there resides a spark of magic, ready to ignite at the touch of imagination. Welcome to a world where stories never end and the enchantment never fades. Welcome to Disney’s Hyperion Bungalow and Silver Room!

What Makes the Hyperion Bungalow Unique?

Disney’s Hyperion Bungalow is a truly unique haven of creativity and innovation, setting it apart from any ordinary space.

Here are some aspects that make it so special:

  1. Artistic Fusion: The Hyperion Bungalow serves as a melting pot for artists, animators, writers, and creators from diverse backgrounds. This fusion of talents creates an atmosphere of artistic synergy, where ideas collide and intertwine to give birth to new and captivating narratives.
  2. Heritage of Imagination: Named after the historic Hyperion Avenue where Walt Disney’s original animation studio was located, the bungalow pays homage to Disney’s legacy of storytelling and imagination. It’s a place where tradition and innovation coexist harmoniously.
  3. Storytelling Incubator: The bungalow acts as a storytelling incubator, where creators can nurture their ideas from conception to fruition. Whether it’s a new character, a fresh plot twist, or an entire world waiting to be explored, this space provides the resources and environment to let creativity thrive.
  4. Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration: The bungalow encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration, allowing artists, writers, and animators to collaborate seamlessly. This multidisciplinary approach results in more dynamic and holistic storytelling experiences.
  5. Inspirational Surroundings: The bungalow’s surroundings are designed to inspire and invigorate. From whimsical artwork adorning the walls to cozy reading nooks filled with classic literature, the environment sparks imagination at every turn.
  6. Interactive Workshops: Interactive workshops led by industry professionals offer a chance to learn and refine artistic skills. These sessions not only enhance the craft of creators but also create a strong sense of community and shared growth.
  7. Innovation Hub: Beyond traditional storytelling, the Hyperion Bungalow embraces emerging technologies, pushing the boundaries of narrative possibilities. From virtual reality experiences to interactive installations, it serves as a hub for experimenting with the latest storytelling mediums.
  8. Nurturing New Voices: The bungalow is committed to fostering emerging talent and giving a platform to fresh voices in the world of animation and storytelling. This dedication to diversity and inclusivity ensures a constant influx of new perspectives and ideas.
  9. Timeless Inspiration: The bungalow’s design is infused with nods to classic Disney films, reminding creators of the timeless stories that have shaped the company’s legacy. This connection to the past serves as a wellspring of inspiration for new and innovative narratives.

In essence, Disney’s Hyperion Bungalow is a dynamic and collaborative space where the spirit of Walt Disney’s creative vision lives on. It celebrates the art of storytelling in all its forms, pushing the boundaries of imagination while honoring the rich heritage that has made Disney a beloved storyteller for generations.


#ABCTVEvent Disney's Bungalow

The Hyperion Bungalow

The history of Disney’s Hyperion Bungalow is a captivating journey through time, intricately woven into the fabric of the company’s origins and growth. This quaint yet significant structure, with its unique architectural style, stands as a testament to the evolution of Disney’s creative empire.

The story begins in 1935 when the Bungalow was erected as the original home of the Disney Publicity and Comic Strip Departments. Nestled within the bustling ambiance of the original Disney Studios on Hyperion Avenue in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, the Bungalow was destined to become a hub of creativity and innovation.

However, as the tides of progress continued to shape Disney’s destiny, the Bungalow itself embarked on a transformative journey. In a grand move that mirrored the company’s expansion, the Bungalow was relocated to the Burbank location in 1939-1940. This relocation marked a pivotal moment, cementing the Bungalow’s place within Disney’s narrative of growth and change.

Over the years, the Bungalow gracefully adapted to various roles within the Disney Burbank lot. Its walls have witnessed the ebb and flow of different support services, each contributing to the company’s dynamic ecosystem. From Payroll to Publicity Support, from Traffic management to the bustling center of the Post Office operations, the Bungalow’s purpose evolved as Disney’s needs evolved.

The Bungalow’s historical significance is underscored by its architectural charm. It stands as the last surviving example of the “California Moderne” architectural style from the original Hyperion studio facility. This unique design, characterized by its blend of sleek lines, streamlined forms, and functional elegance, is a rare and valuable link to Disney’s early years.

As time marched on and the Disney legacy grew, the Hyperion Bungalow continued to shine as a symbol of the company’s heritage and innovation. Its attractive style and practical utility encapsulate the spirit of a bygone era, preserving the essence of Disney’s beginnings while embracing the future.

In the grand tapestry of Disney’s history, the Hyperion Bungalow holds a special place – a place where ideas were nurtured, stories were born, and where the magic of creativity thrived. This charming building’s journey through time serves as a living reminder of the roots from which Disney’s enchanting empire blossomed, and it remains an enduring testament to the artistry and ingenuity that continue to define the company today.

Disney’s Hyperion Bungalow is located on the Walt Disney Studios lot in Burbank, California, USA.

The exact address is:

Walt Disney Studios

500 S. Buena Vista Street

Burbank, CA 91521 United States

It was May 5th, Cinco De Mayo, and ABC treated us to a luncheon of Chipolte.

#ABCTVEvent Chipolte

It was here that I met Suni Nayar, Showrunner and Writer for ABC’s hit show Revenge.

In fact, he’s the man on the steps in the photo of the Hyperion Bungalow above, he’s in the white shirt and grey pants…this picture was taken before I interviewed him.

We also met the Executive Producers and Writers for other ABC Hot Shows: Extreme Weight Loss, Nashville, and Mistresses.

Disney’s Hyperion Bungalow holds animation and movie history.

For me, it holds memories of meeting one of my favorite television writers, Sunil Nayar, watching the Season Finale of this season’s Nashville, and spending time on the Disney lot enjoying a group of amazing bloggers and the outstanding hospitality of ABC.

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