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Cycling for Women’s Weight Loss

Nothing is frustrating for a woman more than belly fat that won’t just go away. It could be a result of a recent delivery, alcohol intake, inactivity, stress, or just poor dieting. Whatever the case, shopping for bikes for plus size ladies may be a smart decision.

Cycling is fun, and it’s not just an approach to losing weight. It’s a low-impact activity, which means it’s good for your heart and brain.

But how do you start cycling and get to lose weight from it? Here’s a guide to use.

woman resting at top of hill after cycling to enjoy the scenic view of mountains


Find Your Ideal Plus-Size Bike

There are so many bikes out there, but not all are for plus-size ladies. So, ensure you invest in the right one.

I particularly endorse these four bikes for plus size ladies:

Road bikes

These bikes come in a sleeker frame and are designed for paved roads.

Mountain bikes

These bikes are designed for climbing the hills more comfortably while maintaining an upright posture. They are great for challenging yourself.

E-Bikes (electric bikes) –

These bikes are battery-powered to give you a boost when riding. They are great for beginners.

Recumbent bikes

These are recline bikes that allow you to cycle while seated close to the ground. They are low-profile, thus suited to plus-size.

Pick the Right Cycling Gear

Remember, you need more than an excellent plus-size bike to lose weight cycling. There are still other essentials that will either make your biking experience funnier or safer.

Here are the most notable ones:


You must wear a helmet in the outdoors when cycling to prevent head injuries.

Cycling glasses

You need them to cover your eyes against the debris when cycling outdoors.

Cycling leggings or shorts

Give you flexibility when cycling. They are also more comfortable.

Bike computer

Attached to your bike to measure the cycling speed, distance covered, and other parameters.

Cycling shoes

Protects your feet and make pedaling more comfortable.

Create a Cycling Plan

You need a plan to lose weight cycling, and you should follow it. Even experienced bikers have specific cycling plans that they follow. So, why not you?

As a beginner biker, consider doing short interval sessions. You can ride for 30 minutes a day for 3-5 days a week.

Once you become more comfortable with the routine, add a few high-intensity sessions. You can do two high-intensity sessions every week.

Refuel Well, But Know What to Skip

Though your goal is to shed weight, you shouldn’t deprive your body of vital energy. While it’s a good idea to cut down on your calories intake, you should consider the following:

Electrolytes drinks over energy drinks

Energy drinks are sugar-packed, and so they are likely to contribute to weight gain as opposed to weight loss.

So, consider replacing them with electrolyte drinks like milk, mineral water, and coconut water.


Water suppresses your appetite, which means you get fuller quicker, and this is pivotal in avoiding unnecessary snacking.

Water also boosts blood flow, regulates body temperatures, and flushes out toxins.

Cut out on high sugars and fats

That’s because they lead to fast weight gain.

woman hydrating while resting after cycling


Cycle to Work

If you find it hard to come up with a cycling plan, how about you make it a routine?

 I’m suggesting you cycle to work. According to research (UEA), this can help you lose 7Kg per stone in a year if you manage cycling 30 minutes daily.

Generally, the idea of cycling to work applies to plus-size ladies working a few miles from home.

How about if you are a stay-at-home mom?

Then try cycling to the shopping center and market as often as possible.

You can also join your kids to cycle to the park.

Just try finding a routine that allows you to cycle.

Of course, having one of the best bikes for plus size ladies can make a huge difference.

Get your steps in and enjoy the ride with a step-through electric bicycle.

Experience the brushless motor of Aventon’s Step-Through electric bike that provides performance and ease.

Challenge Yourself Even More

It’s not just enough to cycle for an hour a day, three times a week.

If you are hoping to lose weight quicker, cycling is more effective when you push yourself a little harder.

You need to identify a few challenges and work towards overcoming them.

It’s in that respect that I recommend the following:

Speed intervals

Try adding a few miles to your speed once in a while as you take brief rests. It helps to torch the extra calorie, more so when you do it repetitively.


Consider integrating other workouts, especially strength training exercises, to your cycling routine to boost calorie burning.

Take the climb

You can boost your fat break down if you cycle uphill often.

Make it Interactive and Fun

It can get tiring and less enjoyable when you cycle for a few weeks without registering noticeable progress. So, to ensure that you don’t just give up, do a few twists to spice up your biking experience.

Here are the tips to contemplate:

  • Find a biking buddy – Get a friend or family member who you can cycle with. It’s funnier that way.
  • Select scenic trails to get some inspiration when cycling
  • Sign up at a cycling program or cycling club to draw motivation from other plus-size bikers.
  • Ride as often and as long as possible

Track Your Cycling Progress

Lastly, the worst thing you can do as a cyclist is to overwork your heart. Though you need to challenge yourself more to lose weight, your heart should be able to take it.

You can always ascertain that by using a heart rate monitor. The smart device will show you when you are overworking your heart to enable you to slow down.

You also need to know where you lie in as far as cycling for weight loss is concerned. That’s because you may be making progress without realizing it and end up giving up on cycling prematurely.

Thanks to mobile software technology, there are so many tracking apps, and some are even free. Perfect examples are Strava and MapMyRide. So, consider using them.


Now that we’ve so many bikes for plus-size ladies, you should consider buying the most suitable one and start cycling.

Above are tips that you can use to achieve the goal. So, consider using them as you focus on burning belly fat and regaining your leaner physique.

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