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What Is a Cupcake in a Jar?

Are you familiar with the terms “cake in a cup” or “snickerdoodle in a mug?”

Do you love the idea of an easy-to-make dessert?

If so, then you’re also going to enjoy a cupcake in a jar!

It’s the latest trending fad in the baked sweets industry.

It’s been getting a lot of hype lately and people have been requesting them left and right from bakeries all over!

If you haven’t looked into what this special treat really is, then it’s time you do.

Read below for everything you want to know about cupcakes in a jar!

Do you love an easy-to-make dessert? If so, then you're also going to enjoy a cupcake in a jar! You'll want to stuff your face with these cupcakes.

The Beginning

The fad started when a mother and daughter duo made an appearance on ABC’s show, “Shark Tank.”

According to Biz Journals, They brought their cupcakes in a jar on the show and explained how they’ve been making these creations and shipping them to their customers.

After this episode of the show aired, the cupcake in a jar became a huge hit. 

Everyone was wanting to try these amazing creations. 

The Popularity 

So, what makes them so popular?

Not only is the idea super cute, but they taste pretty good as well.

Olivia Lunt from Sunflour Baking Company says that cupcakes in a jar are a delicious new trend in the dessert world that makes a great gift.

The layers of cake mixed in with layers of frosting create cupcake goodness that you can’t find anywhere else.

This is what makes them so popular.

They’re unique and they offer yummy convenience. 

Quick Gift or Quick Bite

Do you know someone having a birthday party, baby shower, wedding shower, or something similar?

Finding the right gift for them can sometimes be a hassle.

However, this is a dilemma that you’ll face no more!

Cupcakes in a jar are the perfect gift to place in a goody basket for a party or even for a teacher at your child’s school.

You can have the cupcakes delivered, or you can make them yourself.

They’re aesthetically pleasing because the clear jars allow you to see the beautiful cake and frosting patterns on the inside.

And once your receiver opens the jar, the aroma from the flavors in the cake is sure to leave them speechless.

Aside from using them as a quick gift, you can use them as a quick bite as well!

Who doesn’t like to snack throughout the day?

Now you can bring a cupcake with you no matter where you go. 

The small jar makes it easy to carry along with you, and it makes it easy for eating the cupcake as well.

All you’ll need to do while on the go is grab your jar and a spoon and chow down!

Where’s Your Cupcake in a Jar?

Doesn’t this post make you want to stuff your face with cupcakes?

Where’s your cupcake in a jar?

Visit a local bakery or shop online to purchase your own and see what the hype is about. 

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