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Craft: Make a Pixie House

A Fun Afternoon Project for Hours of Creative Play

My girls love Fairies. They enjoy their miniature size and the magic that they create during play.

We spent the afternoon doing a Fairy Scavenger Hunt and then assembled are Fairy Finds into a Pixie House. It has been a big hit.

Scavenger Hunt (Items Needed):

Empty Milk or Juice cardboard box (really any box will work)
4 small twigs, all about equal length
brown embroidery floss or brown pipe cleaners
Glue dots
1 button
Thin ribbon or string
Small bell, or bead
Craft or scrapbook paper (shades of green for the roof leaves and brown or beige for the house)
Cotton ball or cotton batting

(I hid the items around the yard and used 3×5 index cards with clues and sent the kiddos in search of Fairy Finds.)


1. Create a door by setting the four sticks side-by-side and tying brown embroidery floss or bending pipe cleaners around the tops and bottoms to hold them in place.
2 Measure the height and width of the sticks and using a craft knife (adults only) cut that measurement out of your box, leaving one long side attached. This will be your door.
3..Now attach the door to the box., aligning them with the pipe cleaners on the door. Use glue dots, or poke the pipe cleaner through the box as if it is a hinge.

4. Add a doorbell, by  tying a small bead or bell to one end of a short length of ribbon or string. Tie the other end of the ribbon to the loop of a shank-style button. Use a glue dot to stick the button in place beside the door.
5. Create a template by tracing leaves onto green paper and cut out. Crease each cut out leaf down the center for more depth. OR use real leaves for a more realistic effect.

6. Cover the box with brown construction paper.
7. Use glue dots to secure the creased leaves to the top of the box. Start from the bottom and layer until you reach the top. If using a juice carton, leave the pour spout open as a chimney.
8. For smoke, use a cotton ball or batting, pulled thin, and secure to spout with glue dot.

Your child can add windows, a stone path, or any other item to personalize their Pixie house.

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