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Review: Kid Strong

Refuel with Science

Like any mom,  I am concerned for my children’s health growing. We hear so much about the risks of obesity and its link to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other health struggles. It’s a sad fact that today, so many children are overweight.

As I pursue my journey to a healthier me, I am also conscious of my choices impacting my children. I am including more nutritious meals, more fruits and veggies, little fried foods, and reading labels to cut back on the number of high sugar drinks I’m providing my children.

My kiddos play outside, though I try and limit their playtime during the high-heat parts of the day to indoors. They run, they climb, they are VERY active. I force water at them, but there are times when they gotta have a punch of flavor, and I appreciate added electrolytes to keep them going.

KIDStrong ™ Enterprises contacted me recently to review their new hydration drink, and I jumped on it! The KIDStrong beverages come in two flavors at this time — Natural Orange and Natural Grape. We take reviews seriously, and so out the door, my kiddos flew. They played hard. Up the trees, around the playground, running, jumping, and so much more. Then, near exhaustion, they came inside and demanded “liquid.” I handed them a cold KIDStrong.

They chugged it and said they liked it….”even better than Gatorade.” It cooled them off and seemed to recharge them because they didn’t stay in long after the KIDStrong was gone.

Hands down, the grape was the preferred flavor. They thought it was “the best, but Orange tasted good too.”

KIDStrong is making my role as a Mom easier to provide healthy options. Even more than that, they have Healthy Hydration down to a science. KIDStrong understands that not all sugars are equal. The KIDStrong brand has a four-stage carbohydrate blend, an electrolyte blend, and a Vitamin and Mineral Blend in every single KIDStrong hydrating beverage. You can read about these various blends and their benefits by visiting the KIDStrong website.

KIDStrong is committed to our children. From their website:

With these concerns in mind, we developed our KIDStrong® products to provide a healthy alternative for growing children. Our goals are twofold:

1.Combat childhood obesity through the promotion of scientifically-developed, nutritionally-sound, low sugar, low glycemic index products specifically designed for children.

2.Educate parents, children, local communities, and the world concerning the dangers of childhood obesity and the path to an active, healthy, and productive lifestyle.

It’s these things that give me confidence in serving my children KIDStrong. In addition, it doesn’t contain High Fructose Corn Syrup. It’s natural goodness without the hyper after.

You can purchase these hydration drinks at any time for $19.49 per 12-pack (ground shipping is included, street addresses in the continental United States; sorry, no PO boxes ) by visiting the KIDStrong Store.

I was sent KidStrong to facilitate an honest review. No other compensation was received. The opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor. Others’ experiences may vary.

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