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Costume Discounters Review

Over the weekend our spring looked like this:
There was snow and ice everywhere and it just kept coming. Dreary, gloomy weather that sucked the vibrancy of spring right off the calendar!
We decided we are SO over winter. 
It was time to bust out our own version of Spring. We ate bean burgers and feasted on light rather than heavy foods and then came the spotlight moment, The Divine Miss M busted out in this li’l child love bug costume from Costume Discounters. 
Who knew insect costumes could have such appeal?
Everyone loved her statement. The red with black spots made it eye-catching and she couldn’t stop raving about the sunglasses that made her eyes look all “buggy”. 
I love the wings and their sparkle. I’m crazy about the fact that they can be removed and make this truly an outfit for a warmer spring day!  
The antennas are similar to those old-fashioned hangers rather than flimsy sparkler sticks. They are durable and keep their shape. I love when a costume is designed for more than just a one-hour wear-a-thon!
And get a load of that little tutu cuff on the shirt. It’s fun and flirty and reminds me so much of a ladybug getting ready to fly back home to her house after being told in that child’s rhyme it’s on fire.
We love the selection at Costume Discounters and their prices are budget-friendly. The Divine Miss M has visited a few times since her Love Bug appearance. This time she’s thinking about a more classic girls costume. 
Regardless of what she discovers, I know she’ll rock it!
We received the costume pictured in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions where expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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