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Chevy Traverse


Interior of Chevy Traverse

Before C.I.T. (Chevy’s Intelligent Traverse) came into my life and we became a duo similar to David Hasselhoff and Kitt acting out scenes from a time machine of Knight Rider, I lived an ordinary life. I was the Mom to many and entertained my little troops with my inability to navigate the streets. I ran at full speed trying to keep up with the back end of the storm of calendar chaos. Balance and relaxation were an antonym to my life.

Now, ten days into driving C.I.T. I realize I’ve become co-dependent.

I’m working my way through this challenge.

Climate Control Console

It’s still a mad dash out the door, but C.I.T saves the day with the remote feature where I can start the car and have the interior an air-conditioned bliss. Once inside C.I.T. adds tri-zone automatic climate control! It’s like central air inside a vehicle. PLUS if my husband tags along, I can manipulate my vent to project heat because he likes it FREEZING cold. As an added luxury both the passenger and driver’s seats have a ventilated and heated feature. It might just save our marriage.

I no longer curse my son or husband who feel it necessary to move my car from where I parked it.  While to you and me it looks like merely a backup and pulls forward movement, it’s far more complex. They adjust my seat! They move it backward, adjust the seat-back, the lumbar support, and the height of the seat. In the past it’s taken multiple errands to get the placement back to where I like it–no more, C.I.T. has an EASY in and out button.  With a touch of a button, C.I.T. undoes their doing and puts my seat back EXACTLY where I love it. It also makes getting out of the car a breeze–push the button and it backs the seat up allowing ample room between the steering room and me to turn and get out! The only precaution is this eight-way power seat with memory function is going to take you to places of comfort you’ve never experienced.


We pile in and out a lot and I’ve fallen in love with the SMART SLIDE of the second row Captain Seats. My other car was a production to get anyone to the third row. Multiple levels, buttons, and strength are required to move the seat so the back can be accessed. With C.I.T. the SMART SLIDE involves lifting an armrest and then pushing the seat (gently). Putting the Captain Seat back in place is just as simple. Besides, the perforated leather seats are soft and comfortable.

As a woman, I never thought I’d say this but I LOVE the CARGO SPACE. One of my favorite features is the SPLIT-FOLDING SEATS. Last week I had a six-year-old that called from her friends that her bike had a flat tire. I took C.I.T and with the pull of a tab, had one side of the back down to accommodate the bike and three kiddos heading back for a continued play-date at our house.

When dusk turns to night, my children each have a projector light. This comes in handy when I don’t want to pull over because the cabin light has turned on because someone dropped their Super Hero or Barbie. With the touch of a button, it’s a small light, adequate enough for the person using it, but not blinding for the person driving.


Being the Mom means I wait a lot. I pamper myself with my favorite Bon Jovi CD, or tune out the kiddos with XM RADIO. My favorite station is the 80s on 8. I love the music selection and that it tells me the station, artist, song and in some instances the year. My kiddos discovered that Radio Disney exists full-time and I’ve been known to extend bribes that offer their station for cleaning their room or school work of excellent standards.

My heart became fully committed when I started using ON-STAR and the built-in NAVIGATION. We’re talking turn-by-turn directions and it understands that I couldn’t get over and miss the turn…it just recalculates the location and continues on. That’s something a husband does NOT do!

Some say co-dependency is not good.

I say, the Chevy Traverse is worth the stigma.

The Rocky Mountain Gotta Love Chevy Moms Time Out campaign is being sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealers who are providing me with a ChevyTraverse to test drive for one month in exchange for blogging about my experiences using the vehicle. Mom’s Time Out will be giving us Mom Missions to complete and will be providing us with gift cards to cover the expense of each mission. All opinions stated are my own, completely honest and objective, and not influenced by the sponsor. Others’ experiences may vary.

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