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Choosing a Pet For a Child

If your child already understands that birds, dogs, cats, fish, and mice can live in a house or apartment, they will most likely ask why do not we have a bird, dog, or cat at home. Which pets are most attractive, exciting, and safe for children? Let’s get to know!

First of all, parents should focus on the age of the child. Doctors and psychologists do not recommend having a pet for children under six years, as only by this age, the child begins to understand that the animal is not an indifferent toy. It feels pain, and needs care, and nutrition, just like humans do.

When choosing an animal for a child, take into account the age, temperament, health of the baby, and the size of the living space. The most common types of pets may not always be suitable for your child, so pay attention to exotic species.

Choosing a Pet For a Child

Who needs a Kitten?

Your first thought might be getting a cat, but you need to consider several factors. Allergies are the first thing that can make you give your kitten back to the store or leave it on the street. Also, the aggressive temperament of the child will not allow the cat to stay in your home. If you understand that your son or daughter will most likely pull the unfortunate kitten by the tail, tie rattles to it, or otherwise cause inconvenience, it is better to refrain from buying it.

Yet, most cats are independent and proud animals that are not used to tolerating anything. In the case of inadequate treatment, they will be able to stand up for themselves or live in constant fear. But there are also breeds of cats that are suitable for an active child. At the same time, cats of different species will be ideal for a child prone to tantrums, such children need animals in the first place, as they have a positive effect on the nervous system.

Cute little boy watching his cat

Cute little boy watching his cat @freepik / Freepik

Dog is the most Faithful Friend

Dogs are man’s best friends – an old but very accurate and wise phrase. But by bringing a puppy into the house, you are essentially bringing another child. After all, a dog needs a lot of attention, vaccinations, walks, feeding, training, and bathing. Therefore, choosing a dog of the appropriate breed, immediately prepare the child for the fact that caring for the animal will be his duty.

Safety is also essential, the child should be taught to behave with the puppy so that when the animal grows up, he will not remember the baby’s old insults. Another disadvantage of keeping a dog is the financial side, as you will have to buy food if you want to raise a healthy animal. And, accordingly, the bigger the dog, the more food it needs, and the more expensive muzzle and collar are also required.

But the advantages of dogs, of course, are invaluable. How precious are walking in the fresh air, running with a dog, and even dancing with a four-legged partner? If, of course, this will involve your child? And also, boundless devotion and readiness to protect the owner are indisputable advantages of dogs. The dog will bring up a sense of responsibility in the child, as well as passion and courage. It will teach him to make friends. The main thing is to choose the right breed.

Nice girl toddler on the floor with dog @bearfotos / Freepik

Little Rodents for Kids

For a small child at the age of 4-5, you can buy a hamster or a mouse. They do not require special care. Just feed the rodent twice a day and clean the cage several times a week. It is possible that having a small animal will be training for a child before getting a dog.

According to VCA Animal Hospitals, The downside is that rodents do not live long – only 2-4 years, so be prepared to explain to the child what happened to the pet. It won’t be a significant injury to your baby at an early age, but it can seriously injure an older child.

The domestic rat is probably the most unloved creature by mothers, but it is a suitable animal for preschool children. But when this beast appears in the house, the mother will sooner or later like him, and the rodent will undoubtedly gain the affection of even the strictest father. Like hamsters, rats are not demanding in care, are omnivorous, and do not require much attention from humans.

Going for a couple of days, you can not worry about the rat. It is not boring without people. Just get him enough food and fill the drinker. Sometimes rats have an unpleasant odor, but not as strong as, for example, guinea pigs. If you periodically bathe the animal and often clean the cage, the smell is almost not felt.

The rat is an intelligent and friendly creature. Attached to the person, it will play a lot. You can even let it run around the apartment, at the first call, it will run to you, as rats quickly remember the sound of its name.

But when buying a rat, you need to check it with a veterinarian, as these animals are the carriers of the most significant number of infections, dangerous to humans. Also, the rat can be aggressive toward other animals. There have been cases where a domestic rat has bitten a guinea pig and even a kitten, so you need to be careful.

Red tame hamster in the hands of child @lusyaya / Freepik

Red tame hamster in the hands of child @lusyaya / Freepikexce

Home Aquarium with Fish

Fish is an excellent option for restless, hyperactive children. On the one hand, it would seem that such a child will be bored with fish. You can’t stroke them or run with them, or take them for a walk. But an aquarium with fish will perfectly calm the child’s nervous system before bed or after school.

It is not difficult at all to take care of them, feeding a fish is a matter of two minutes. The child can first clean the aquarium with mom or dad until he learns to do it himself. Besides, the fish make almost no noise, which is sometimes very important for parents. To keep an aquarium, remember that plants are a part of the aquarium habitat, as they provide a source of nutrients to the fish. It needs to know how best to plant and care for the greenery in question, more advice you can read at ThePets. But keep in mind that interest in fish can pass quickly, so be prepared for new requests to buy a new pet.

Red tame hamster in the hands of child @lusyaya / Freepik

Bird friends as an alarm clock

Parrot is an excellent choice for both teenagers and children of primary school age. Caring for a parrot is generally straightforward: give food, monitor the water level in the drinker, and clean the cage from time to time. A parrot will be the right choice if you have a calm, silent, or even melancholic child.

A beautiful, bright, active bird will attract a bored child and lift his spirits. But pay attention not only to parrots but also to canaries, because they are one of the best domestic birds. Be prepared for noise and early rise, as most birds wake up very early, and they certainly will not wait in silence for your awakening.

A blue budgie is sitting on the leg of a teenager who studies at home or plays on a laptop during quarantine of a coronavirus infection @kutanya / Freepik

The Tortoises if you need a calm and long-lived Pet

If you decide to give an animal a gift to a child, you can consider a turtle as a pet. Pros: it does not need to walk, it does not make noise, does not leave hair in the apartment, can not hurt the child. Turtles easily take root in a new home. With proper care, you can not be afraid that the child will be upset by his pet’s death, as turtles live for 20-40 years.

Unlike hamsters and mice, you can not be afraid that the turtle will run away from the child under the sofa, you can even take it for walks. But there is a risk that the active child will quickly get bored with the turtle, and she will start asking for a new petm says Pet Sit.

Before you finally decide which animal to choose for the child, consider all the factors, not just the wishes of the youngest member of the family. But, of course, it is better to buy at least a small animal, because by taking care of it, the baby will gradually become accustomed to responsibility, learn to appreciate and love.

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