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Changing Neighborhoods from Blogger to WordPress

Well, here we are…one year and four months into my “serious” blogging moment and blogger gets a hiccup. I had a huge meltdown. I was in the middle of a post that when I clicked “publish” took me to a page that said blogger was down, when I went “back” my post was gone! I thought..”okay, there went 30 minutes I’ll never get back”

Then, as the time moved forward and blogger was still down, I began to get anxiety….the next morning I woke up to find blogger still down and that now it had taken 30 hours worth of my posts! I freaked…I bought my own domain, I foraged for money for hosting and then thought, “I’m going to transfer it myself”.

Thankfully, sometimes I sit down and think. I realized that I was already a crazed lunatic and stood to lose too much if I failed at my “attempt”…so I found someone…Blogelina…to do the transfer. with recommendations from other bloggers, I felt confident in my decision.

I am now waiting for Blogelina to get back to me so I can move my blog to WP. I’m sure there’s a waiting list.

My reason wasn’t so much about monetizing my blog. The stress that comes from having no control over any part of it is the realization that whether anyone out there is reading my blog or commenting or even coming to my page it’s time to take a leap and be my own brand.

I’m afraid.

I’m not one for change. I like the same ol’ same ol’.

I’m behind on my posts and fearful of posting for a repeat of blogger’s hiccup.

I know nothing about WordPress.

Fear takes many forms….and sometimes it’s what motivates us to take a huge step and move forward.

Watch for Mommy’s Memorandum to be relocating soon…VERY soon!


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