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Celebrating Reunions with Supernatural Season 6

In June of 1985, I met my best friend. It wasn’t a meeting under the best circumstances. I was 16, he was 17 and just paralyzed in motocross. Still, it was a friendship that has forged the times. Then in 1987, I moved 3,000 miles away. Like the Winchester brothers in Supernatural, we faced a short separation, until 1994.

Our reunion was brief, like Dean Winchester, my friend was with a woman and raising her child. I was married and raising my own two children.

Our friendship then took a separation of 14 years. To be fair, that separation was only physical. I still thought about my friend and wondered how he was doing and what his life had become. It was the longest separation between us, and then in 2008, we were reunited. After several emails and juggling each of our busy schedules, my family met his at a racetrack.

The first thing I did was cry. I hadn’t even seen him yet, but the racetrack he owned…the car that he was driving, his son who looked so much like him; it all made me proud. It was a celebration of his life and it was beautiful.

I remember walking down to the pit to see him. I was giddy like a school girl. When I saw him, it was as if time had not marched on. There was comfort here. As my family stood off to the side, while he engaged with his fans, he looked up at me and told the person he had been visiting with, “If you’ll excuse me, I haven’t seen this girl for almost 15 years and I think it’s time to say, ‘Hello’!”.

We talked briefly and then his family joined us and it was a reunion of epic proportions. It was a moment when I realized that the friendship never ended, but had merely been interrupted.

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