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Back to School with Wordlock Text Locks

With summer coming to an end and the prospect of riding bikes a little longer, we told the children they could ride bike to school, but they would need a lock for their bikes. We practiced diligently with combination locks of various sorts and the odds were against the kiddos getting to their bikes at the end of the day. There were way too many moving parts, twice past zero then back two and have a turn to the right. Then the smarty-pants at Wordlock created text locks. 

Wordlock Text Lock

Text locks are awesome. While my kiddos might not remember three numbers and the series of turns it takes to “break the code”, they are keen on texting like LOL and BFF and OMG tops their list. With the same appeal as traditional locks, locking up stuff from recreation, storage, travel and more, WordLocks text locks have back to school all locked up!

The new, secure WordLock® Text Lock (MSRP $5.99) makes it possible to have an easy to remember personal word combination. With a revolutionary new design and feel, the Text Lock comes preset with a three letter password that is in line with today’s lingo and easy to remember. WordLock Text Locks are now available at several retailers nationwide including Walgreens, Walmart, Office Max, ACE Hardware and Dick’s Sporting Goods and online at and

The one whine my kiddos muttered was that they couldn’t pick their own word. Each WorldLock text lock comes preset, but still is far easier to remember than numbers. My husband loves the lock because it is heavy and durable. We have a WorldLock on our shed and it’s weathered heat, rain and more and still performs like the day we got it.

Wordlock is celebrating a new school with a special 40% off promotion on this year’s “must have” Text Lock. It ends today (8/26).


Afterall, what good is a lock if you can’t remember the code?

*I received a Wordlock Text lock in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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