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Can Vinyl Fencing Increase Your Property Value?

Residential fencing is an essential part of a house. It is not something you can choose in a moment, it requires careful thinking into the whole process, looking at different fencing methods, their pros and cons, their short-term and long-term benefits, maintenance cost, and durability.  When you have finally understood and shortlisted your hopes regarding fencing, then only you can go around looking into different types of fencing to see which one meets your expectations and will be useful to you in the long run.

White vinyl fence running across a homeowners back yard.


Popular types of fencing

The popular ways of fencing are only two; wood fencing and vinyl fencing.

The latter might sound new to many people, but if you research it, it has managed to attract a lot of attention lately.

The main contributing factors to its popularity are its durability and low maintenance.

It is strong yet flexible. It is although made up of PVC, which is a plastic mixed with other ingredients.

Many types of fencing are so flexible that you can sway them back and forth without any difficulty.

But that does not mean they are not healthy.

A vinyl fence is about 3-4 times stronger than a wooden fence, giving your house a sense of privacy, security, and aesthetic beauty.

Wood can be a very tough competitor to your vinyl fencing, but when you balance the benefits of both, vinyl has come far ahead of wooden fencing.  

And the best thing is that if you want to have wood fencing but are afraid of the maintenance cost and other disadvantages that come with installing a wooden fence, then let me tell you this; a perfect quality vinyl fencing looks precisely like cedarwood.

A wooden fence’s most significant drawback is its sensitivity to different weather conditions; both sunshine and rain affect your wooden fence, but vinyl fencing stands tall no matter what the weather is.

Extremes of temperature may irritate it a bit by causing mildews to grow on it, but they too are like small dirt and are removed very quickly with a mild detergent and water.

That is how easy to maintain vinyl fencing is.

You can get vinyl fencing in many colors and designs as well, as per your convenience and desire.

They are a lot of designs and a few colors to choose from, but the one thing that is guaranteed is the quality and durability which are not compromised in any way.

Many types of vinyl fencing also come with a lifetime warranty as well in case if it were to face a natural disaster.


best features of vinyl fencing


Vinyl fencing for privacy

Those who want extreme privacy can go for vinyl fencing.

The material of vinyl fencing is such that the weather does not affect it, as explained above.

It will not expand or contract by any weather condition, leaving no slits or gaps in between, thus giving a complete sense of privacy.

Plus, when you receive them, both sides of them are the same, making the outer part of your house aesthetically appealing too.

Many people have been wondering if installing vinyl fences in their homes increases their property value?

The answer to this is, yes, it certainly can!

Whenever you decide to sell the property, the fencing around the house will add to the marketability of your property, says Blue Mountain Real Estate.

Besides adding to the beauty of the home, the vinyl fences have been designed in a way that is meant to be long-lasting and durable.

Multiple types of research that have been carried out show fencing to be a significant factor that property buyers consider while purchasing their houses.

In areas like Salt Lake City, Utah, homebuyers are into buying homes that have vinyl fencing already installed.

This is mainly because vinyl fences can easily tolerate the unpredictable Utah weather as it is almost 100% maintenance-free.

The change of seasons will have no particular effect on the look or the stability of the fences, whereas wood fences are more prone to decay and will need repairing in a couple of years.

When it comes to vinyl fence services contact All County Fence today, also listed below are a few ways that our vinyl fencing can increase your property value:

Where the fence is placed:

Besides increasing the appeal of the house, their position also matters. 

The lovely tall fences will manage to block out any undesirable view that may be disturbing you.

This means that you will have an excellent idea of your back to look at.

Furthermore, having a fence in front of the house may decrease the aesthetic of the home, but when the fence is installed in the backyard, it can add to the value of the property.

The material of the fence:

Wood fences, in the long run, will require replacement and will not stay in the same condition as when they were installed.

Vinyl fences, on the other hand, will shine as bright as they did the day they were installed.

Homebuyers are looking for fences that will stay in the same condition for years to come, and vinyl fences manage to do just that, so they are more likely to pay higher prices for houses where vinyl fencing has been installed.

Professional Installation of your fence:

If your fence has been installed by a professional, it will add to the quality of the fence.

The fence will stay stable for longer, and this can then add to the value of the property.

Also, no additional amount of money will be spent on the fence before putting your house on the market.

Maintaining your vinyl fence:

This is one of the most important factors which add value to a property.

Homebuyers will be more interested in houses with vinyl fences installed because they know the effort that is put in maintaining the fence is very little.

This means that they will have to do very little to keep the appearance of the fence intact.

The most they will have to do to keep it dirt-free is to pick up a hose of water and spray away the dirt particles.

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