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The Best Ways to Bug-Proof Your House at the Lake

Whether you live near a lake or have a lake house that you visit occasionally, there is one major annoyance that many lake homeowners need to deal with: a lot of bugs.

Almost all types of insects like leaving near water, especially in the case of aquatic insects that lay their eggs in water. For this reason, you probably won’t go a day at a lake house without seeing at least one bug, be it a mosquito, a gnat, or a mayfly. Regardless of whether they bite or not, bugs are annoying and can put a damper on your whole lake experience.

That said, here are some of the best ways to bug-proof your lake home to ensure that you don’t have to spend every day battling these pesky creatures:

Hire a mosquito control service

Mosquitoes multiply fast, flourish in moist environments, and pack a painful bite. They are some of the most annoying insects everywhere globally, but most especially near water, where they tend to thrive and exist in great numbers. If you live in a lake house, you probably deal with them daily.

While it is impossible to get rid of mosquitoes that thrive near the lake, you can keep them away from your property by enlisting the help of a mosquito control service. Hiring such a service is especially important if the population of mosquitoes in and around your property is now impossible to control with DIY measures, more so if there are mosquito-borne diseases that are endemic to your area.

Screens, screens, screens

Most lake houses already have screens installed to keep bugs from entering the home. But if yours doesn’t, now is the best time to screen in your doors, windows, and perhaps even your porch.

If your home already has screens, be sure to inspect them periodically to check if there are holes and tears that insects can get through. Most screens can last for ten or so years, but they do deteriorate from wear and tear over time. Once you see a tear or gap in the screen, patch it up immediately to prevent bugs from using it as an entryway to your home.

A lake home on a lake in Minnesota

Clean your exteriors

General cleanliness helps prevent attracting bugs to your property and other types of pests such as rodents and birds. Here are some tips on how to keep your property clean with bug-proofing in mind:

Remove anything that can collect water when it rains, such as flower pot saucers, tires, wheelbarrows, and the like. Insects that lay their eggs in water can use these objects as vessels for their spawn, which means you’re essentially letting bugs be born on your property if you leave standing water unaddressed.

  • Stay on top of lawn maintenance.

Mow your grass, trim the bushes, remove dead organic material, and control weeds. Keeping your lawn clean and tidy will not only boost the appearance of your property but will also help keep pests away.

Throw trash away.

Remove all trash from your property and keep your garbage receptacles tightly sealed.

Seal cracks

The tiny gaps around your doors and windows can let insects inside your home, so be sure to seal them with sealant or caulk. The same goes for cracks in the walls, ceilings, or your home’s foundation.

Reduce outdoor lighting

Lights attract flying insects and, in turn, may also attract bugs that prey on other insects, such as spiders. To avoid this, minimize the number of lights that you keep on at night. If safety concerns, consider replacing your outdoor lights with motion-detecting lights that only turn on when someone or something moves past them.

Groom pets regularly

Pets can bring bugs, such as mosquitoes, ticks, and squash bugs, into the house after they go outside. So, if you have a dog or an outdoor cat, make it a habit to give their coat a once-over with a brush before they come inside. More than that, inspect their fur frequently to ensure that they don’t have any ticks or other insects feeding on them. Regular bathing is also a great way to prevent them from attracting insects, especially if they like to roll around in the dirt.

Dealing with bugs is one significant downside of living near a lake, but it doesn’t have to be a constant battle. With these tips, you can keep bugs away from your property and, in turn, help reduce their burden on you and your entire family, including your pets.

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