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Best Friends: A Reunion After 14 Years

It had been a long, long time.

Unbelievably, time did NOT standstill.

People came and went in our lives.

It had been fourteen years since I last saw the person who forever will be known as “MY BEST FRIEND”.

There’s no need to hide anything.

I was nervous.

Those five tenants that rented my uterus for nine months at a time were less than friendly on my body.

Not that it should matter, he saw my best and worst side for two years, and now should be no different.

Saturday time DID standstill.

It seemed to drag on and on.

I was introduced to his son.

It was like looking through a time machine…he had the same hands, fingers, and fingernails as his dad, his bottom lip matches his; They have the same neck and the shape of their eyes.


Genes are pretty amazing!

I stood against the chain link fence, #72 embedded in my line of vision.

He was at the starting line and I was ready to watch him race.

It would be the first time I’d seen him race–something he loved.

This wasn’t motocross–that had left him paralyzed 20-some years ago.

This was a modified race car driving.

As the flag dropped and the cars revved and zoomed around the track, I kept my eyes on him.

I was overcome with so much pride, pure joy and I suppose a little fear that I cried.

I swallowed hard.

He was in the top five.

I was amazed.

It was the most beautiful moment…to see him out there living his dream.

Then, finally, in that 10 o’clock evening hour, the gates opened and I was face to face with him!
The gap of years closed in and it was like I had never been away from this person.
It was like someone hit “rewind”, his secrets were whispered again, his dreams…some now a reality, and that sense of “home”.

I ran to hug him and the world disappeared!

I clung to him.

I felt warm, safe and didn’t want to lose him again.

We posed for pictures.

I introduced him to my family.

We stepped aside as he fulfilled his duty to his fans.

Our visit was brief, he’s a busy man!!!

I hope we will continue this journey with our present into our future….this time, together as the friends we became in the past.

I have missed him…

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