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On Being a Mom

Being a mom.

Gosh, the more I experience mommy-dom, the more I find I love it.

This past month we celebrated a birthday.

The Princess is the mighty SIX!

She was a beauty queen for the day.

She went to the beauty parlor for an “Up-DO”, then Charlotte the Great added a splash of “Princess” with a sequined baby blue dress.

She wore a crown and enjoyed a pinata and barbecue with her family.

My little man when asked “Are you a big boy?” replied, “Like Daddy.”

Then after a moment of thought raised his arms above his head and announced, “I huge!”

Indeed, he is.

My other little beauty queen tells me she loves me “infinity squared” and I’m her “best mom”.

My oldest, my first graduate, has followed through on getting a “grown-up” job and doing well.

He tells me he’s had “no attendance issues”.


The actor is busy enjoying summer and making friends as he prepares to enter HIGH SCHOOL!

There is no greater joy than to watch a child grow from someone so incapable of becoming someone with determination and in pursuit of their dreams.

To witness the learning process…holding up their head, coordinating their limb movement, discovering their hands, their feet…those first steps, first words, first sentences.

Dreaming of movie stardom or Beauty Queen.

Developing social skills and just living life.

I’ve been a mom for 18 years and I am still inspired with awe at the miracle.

I look at my oldest and am just fascinated at the transition from infant to “man”.

I cry when I see him driving a car.

It is the most incredible emotion and sense of being one can ever experience.

I love being a mom!

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