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Worldwide Study Reveals: The Best Cities for Coffee Lovers

There are many cities around the world that are known for their coffee culture and are great destinations for coffee lovers. Here are some of the best cities for coffee lovers:

  1. Seattle, USA – Home to the famous Starbucks, Seattle has a thriving coffee culture with many independent coffee shops and roasters.
  2. Melbourne, Australia – Melbourne has been called the “coffee capital of the world” and is known for its high-quality coffee and trendy coffee shops.
  3. Vienna, Austria – Vienna is famous for its coffeehouses, which have been a part of the city’s culture for centuries. The coffeehouses offer a wide variety of coffee drinks and a cozy atmosphere.
  4. Istanbul, Turkey – Turkish coffee is a popular drink in Istanbul, and the city is known for its traditional coffeehouses and cafes.
  5. Rome, Italy – Espresso is a way of life in Rome, and the city is full of historic cafes and coffee shops.
  6. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and Addis Ababa has a thriving coffee culture with many traditional coffee ceremonies and coffee shops.
  7. Berlin, Germany – Berlin is home to many hip and trendy coffee shops and roasters that offer unique and innovative coffee drinks.
  8. Tokyo, Japan – Japan is known for its attention to detail and precision, and this is evident in the city’s coffee culture, which is focused on creating the perfect cup of coffee.

These are just a few examples of the many great cities for coffee lovers around the world.

What is the Most Coffee-Obsessed Capital City in the World?

It’s difficult to pinpoint one single capital city as the most coffee-obsessed in the world, as many cities have a strong coffee culture and passionate coffee enthusiasts. However, there are a few cities that are often recognized as being among the most coffee-obsessed in the world:

  • Amsterdam is the most Coffee-Obsessed Capital City in the World, according to this study!
  • Following closely behind in second place is Dublin
  • Those living in Pago Pago have the most coffee shops to choose from, with 246 per 100,000 people!
  • Europe is the continent most obsessed with coffee

Coffee, the universally beloved beverage we cannot get enough of! With several varieties and just as many outlets worldwide, which capital city is the most coffee-obsessed?

To find the answer, established an index looking into the following variables: average rating, coffee shops per capita, and import value per capita. *

The Most Coffee-Obsessed Capital found that Amsterdam, Netherlands, takes the title of the most coffee-obsessed capital city, with an overall score of 8.71 out of a possible 10! Amsterdam has 116 coffee shops per 100,000 people and a weighted Yelp average rating of 4.03.

Dublin, Ireland, is second only 0.76 away from taking the top spot, with a score of 7.95 out of 10.

In joint third, we have neighboring capitals Bern (Switzerland) and Paris (France), with an overall score of 7.43!

Bern comes out on top for import value with $419.08 per capita. However, Paris is amongst the top cities for coffee shop ratings at 4.11.

coffee obsessed graphic

*Completing the top 10 most coffee-obsessed capital cities are:
– Prague, Czech Republic (7.17)
– Lisbon, Portugal (7.00)
– Helsinki, Finland (6.75)
– Pago Pago, American Samoa (6.58)
– Copenhagen, Denmark (6.58)
– Wellington, New Zealand (6.57)

coffee trends

The Most Coffee-Obsessed Continent

It’s difficult to determine the most coffee-obsessed continent, as coffee consumption and culture varies widely across different regions and countries. However, there are a few continents that are known for their coffee production and consumption:

  1. South America – South America is home to many of the world’s top coffee-producing countries, including Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. The region is also known for its coffee culture, with many cafes and roasteries serving high-quality coffee.
  2. Europe – Europe has a long and rich coffee culture, with cities like Vienna and Rome known for their historical cafes and coffeehouses. The region is also home to many specialty coffee shops and roasters that offer unique and innovative coffee drinks. Europe is the most coffee-obsessed continent, with half of the analyzed countries located on this continent!
  3. Africa – Africa is another major coffee-producing region, with countries like Ethiopia and Kenya known for their high-quality coffee beans. The region is also home to many traditional coffee ceremonies and a growing specialty coffee industry.
  4. North America – North America has a thriving coffee culture, with the United States and Canada both known for their independent coffee shops and roasteries. Cities like Seattle and Portland are particularly known for their coffee scenes.
  5. Asia – Asia has a growing coffee culture, with countries like Japan, South Korea, and China all experiencing a boom in specialty coffee. The region is also home to unique coffee drinks like Vietnamese iced coffee and Indonesian Kopi Luwak.

Overall, coffee culture and consumption are widespread across the world, with each continent offering its own unique take on the beloved beverage.

* Methodology

  1. A list of the capital cities in the world and their population were collated.
  2. Yelp was utilized to find out the number of coffee shops per capita (taking into account varying population sizes) and their ratings.
  3. The weighted average calculated the ratings to take into account the differences between the number of reviews for each coffee shop and the rating.
  4. Coffee import data for each country was used as a variable, calculating coffee imports per capita to indicate the country’s coffee demands.
  5. The import trade value for the country has been adjusted to the import trade value of capital cities.
  6. The final variables used are as follows: country, capital, weighted average rating, coffee shops per 100,000, import value per capita (USD), and score.

*the symbol = refers to joint ranking

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