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5 Benefits of an Automatic Pet Feeder

Having some Scooby or Garfield around the home has been linked to several positive benefits, including enhanced social skills, companionship, fitness, amongst a plethora of other advantages. Since human interactions with pets are often symbiotic hence a win-win situation for both pet owners and the animals that form part of the family, great responsibility comes on the former’s side, including observing a healthy and regular feeding routine for pets.

automated pet feeder

However, considering the busy lives we all lead, we can honestly relate to obstacles that come between us and our pets during meal times, such as getting home late, being away on vacations, waking up early to feed the meowing cat, when all you want is to catch a deep sleep, to mention but a few of them.

5 Benefits to Owning an Automatic Pet Feeders

An automatic pet feeder is a new technology in town, a workable solution to everyone struggling with keeping their pets on the proper feeding schedule. Highlighted are some of the merits of owning one. 

  • Regular feeding routine.

Regardless of whether you will be out for long, go to work early, or be stuck in traffic during the evening rush hours, your pet will never have to suffer underfeeding or overfeeding. An automatic feeder inherently dispenses food at the exact specified times each day, eliminating the dilemma and guilt of leaving the pet unattended due to regular unabated commitments.  

  • No more overweight or obese pets

Like some humans, some pets need a bit of weight management; alarmingly, according to statistics from different case studies run to establish pets’ overall health, over 50% of cats and dogs in the US alone are overweight. An overweight pet isn’t a happy pet, as either of the two scenarios poses significant health complications, including diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney diseases, and decreased life expectancy. With an automatic pet feeder, you can set the right portions of food and the frequency at which they are to be taken by your pets.

  • Negligible instances of pets feeding on stale food

Rapid exposure of your pet’s food to air and humidity degrades the quality of the food and exposes it to bacterial contamination. Several automatic dog feeder reviews (see Top Dog Tips) comprehensively describe the different types of automated dog feeders, most of which dispense fresh food in the specified portions while keeping the rest of the chunk sealed away from open-air and humidity.  

  • Convenience

If you are working far away from home or have some commitments to meet outside your neighborhood, the feeder will give your pet its rightful portions in your absence. Not to forget are the times when you need to relax past the regular morning hours or in the afternoon; your pet will find its way to the feeder.

  • No more food lying around to attract rodents and insects

You certainly know how rodents and insects can make the stay under your roof uncomfortable. Automatic pet feeders do not leave food lying around, thereby attracting fewer rodents and insects to your ambient interior space.

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