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St. Patrick’s Day Post

Meeting Goals

Since the beginning of school, my Kindergartner has been talking about the Monkey Bars.

At first, she just wanted to be able to do them, instead, she hung like a soggy noodle from the bars.

We talked about a Goal Road Map we had discovered through Fishful Thinking and we sat together and mapped out the process to reach our goal.

Our after school chat always included Recess and the activities she and her best friends enjoyed in and inevitably the Monkey Bars came up.

At first, she was discouraged.

little girl on slide dressed in st patricks' day clothes

It seemed, in her five-year-old mind, that she was the only one who could NOT cross the Monkey Bars.

I envisioned my child hanging from one bar, stationary, holding up the line to cross.

In November, after SEPs she was so excited because she could do at least three Monkey Bars consecutively.

It was bitter cold when we left our conference and so we suggested “another day”…I know, poor parenting at it’s best!

By January she announced she was a “professional Monkey Bar Girl”.

Her eyes danced with enthusiasm and her voice raised to a shrill octave.

Pride had set in.

Through each of these milestones, we marked off her goal map.

She repeated her mantra on why she could do this, “Because my name is: (insert ENTIRE) name here) and I can do ANYTHING!” It became a daily ritual.

Well, Saint Patrick’s Day was the big reveal.

After searching for the Leprechaun’s Hidden Treasure (you know, the one the wee-folk left after St. Patrick ran all the snakes off the island).

The Treasure was found.

It looked liked this:


st patricks day favor


We reached a milestone.

The Divine Miss “M” was finally able to show MOM (that’s me!) her grace and skill in crossing the Monkey Bars!

Very proudly, I share this with you here!



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