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The Best Baby Sleep Book Review

Introducing “The Best Baby Sleep Book” by Dr. Edward Kulich! 

Are you a new parent desperately searching for the secret to a good night’s sleep? Look no further! Dr. Edward Kulich, renowned pediatrician and sleep expert, presents his groundbreaking guide to help your baby sleep like a dream.

Unlock the Power of Restful Nights with Dr. Kulich’s Proven Methods! 

The Ultimate Sleep Solution: Say goodbye to endless nights of sleepless frustration. Dr. Kulich’s book is your ultimate resource, offering a comprehensive roadmap to help your little one drift off into the land of dreams with ease.

Expert Advice: Dr. Edward Kulich brings years of experience and expertise to your fingertips. With his compassionate approach, he understands the challenges parents face when it comes to their baby’s sleep. Trust his tried-and-true strategies to transform your nights from chaos to tranquility.

Personalized Solutions: Every baby is unique, and Dr. Kulich recognizes that. His book provides a range of practical techniques tailored to suit your baby’s individual needs. Discover the sleep routine that works best for your little one and watch as they embrace healthy sleep patterns.

From Newborn to Toddler: As your child grows, their sleep needs evolve. Dr. Kulich covers every stage of your baby’s development, ensuring you have the tools to adapt and maintain peaceful sleep habits from infancy to early childhood.

Troubleshooting Guide: Worried about sleep regressions or naptime battles? Dr. Kulich has you covered! His book is filled with invaluable troubleshooting tips, addressing common sleep challenges so you can tackle them head-on and ensure a restful environment for your child.

Gentle Sleep Training: Dr. Kulich prioritizes a gentle and nurturing approach to sleep training. You’ll learn how to establish healthy sleep associations and foster a loving environment that promotes your baby’s well-being.

Happy Parents, Happy Baby: When your little one sleeps well, the entire family benefits. Say hello to increased energy, enhanced mood, and a stronger bond with your baby. Prepare to experience the joy of parenting well-rested!

Don’t let sleepless nights take a toll on your family. Unlock the secrets to blissful slumber with “The Best Baby Sleep Book” by Dr. Edward Kulich. Order your copy today and embark on a journey towards peaceful nights and well-rested days!

Sweet dreams await with Dr. Kulich’s expertise! 

Our The Best Baby Sleep Book Review

I’ve been waiting to tell you a secret because I didn’t want to jinx it, but it’s been a week, so I think it’s safe to tell you. Clara is sleeping through the night… in her own crib.

I’ve been reading this great little book called “The Best Baby Sleep Book” by Dr. Edward Kulich. He offers his own personal, proven approach for helping your baby learn bedtime routines and staying asleep.

With Tween, I remember painfully listening to her *cry-it-out* for five minutes. That was all I was ever able to muster. It was excruciating to listen to my baby scream. We quickly abandoned that method. Eventually, Papa Bear ended up putting her to sleep every night: rocking her for a half hour or so until she was asleep.

With the next two babies, I co-slept. I was tired. Papa was tired. I wanted the bigger kiddos to sleep. It was easier. I know it was dangerous, and I had terrible guilt doing it.

When Clara was born, I knew I had to figure out this sleeping thing. After reading Dr. Kulich’s book “The Best Baby Sleep Book”, I knew it was possible to set up good sleep habits from the beginning to lead to greater rewards later – SLEEP!

In the first section of his book, he discusses the reasons why a baby would NOT be sleeping through the night, such as acid reflux and allergies. He knows, as a pediatrician and as a father, that if there are problems Baby will not follow along with any of the good habits that Mommy wants to instill. I learned this with my Big Boy. He was my pacifier baby, and all of my good intentions to get rid of the pacifier in a timely manner were destroyed because he had ear problems. The pacifier was the only thing that gave him comfort. I couldn’t break that habit until the problems were solved. Dr. Kulich advises parents of this and gives parents the signs to look for in Baby to determine if a problem will prevent good sleep habits.

I figured that there wasn’t a problem with Clara – even though she does spit up A LOT, so I moved to the next section… the getting a good night’s sleep section! Dr. Kulich again knows that parents can not expect Baby to sleep through the night until Baby is at least four months old. Stinkers! That’s a long way off; however, Dr. Kulich said that the habits we create in a Baby from birth are the keystones to sleeping through the night when she is ready. AHHH! I get it now.

So, I started implementing his strategies. They are quite easy to implement, and they didn’t change our bedtime routine.

They worked. Within two weeks of implementing the strategies in “The Best Baby Sleep Book”, Clara slept from 8:30 until 5:30. After a brief feeding at 5:30, she slept again until nine o’clock. Now, her routine is to sleep from 8:30 until about 6:30, and with feeding at 6:30, she is snoozing until 9:30 or so. She awakens once during the night and thrashes about a little, but she has learned to self-soothe with her fist and usually drifts right back to DreamLand.

The one dilemma I had was napping. I am a baby carrier, especially with Clara. She was so little, and I wonder if she might be my last, so I don’t want to miss one second of the cuddles and feeling her close. Dr. Kulich tells parents that you can never hold a baby too much, but he also gives advice for naps in his book. I have relished this information because as much as I love holding Clara, she has become quite heavy, it is HOT in SC to keep a baby on my chest all day, and I have three bigger kiddos who would like some Mommy Love too. Clara now takes good naps now that I know the system.

When I first heard about “The Best Baby Sleep Book” and Dr. Kulich’s methods, I was intrigued that he had this great system and that Dr. Kulich makes HOUSE CALLS! As a concierge house call pediatrician, he has been offering sleep training services to his patients in the comfort of their own homes. Dr. Kulich’s unique, compassionate, comprehensive and detail-oriented sleep training approach is available to families outside of his regular practice via telephone or in-home visits.

He offers a comprehensive sleep consultation in your home that only a pediatrician can provide.
While a sleep consultant can guide you with basic principles of sleep training, they cannot differentiate between milk allergy, reflux, colic, failure to gain weight, inappropriate bedtime routine, developmental disorders, and will not provide you with baby proofing advice. As a sleep consultant and a Board Certified Pediatrician, he provides not only sleep training guidance but developmental assessments, nutritional assessments, and treatment of medical issues that can interfere with sleep training.
The book is easy to read and very informative. The thing I would improve about the book would be some grammatical issues that were a little annoying while I read, but I was an English teacher for ten years. I know that I make many mistakes while writing (I am the queen of parenthesis, aren’t I?), so I shouldn’t pass judgment, should I?
Past that minor impediment, implementing his strategies is not difficult at all. I have already recommended the book to several friends struggling with putting Baby to sleep in his crib. You can purchase the book at Dr. Kurlich’s website  or at You can learn more about Dr. Kulich’s practice by visiting his website.
My baby is still sleeping. Thanks to Dr. Kulich, having my evenings and mornings free for Mommy time is nice.

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