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Amish Values for Your Family Book Review and Giveaway

When I was 18, I left high school and moved to Miami, Florida to be a nanny. Both the husband and wife were from Pennsylvania and that first fall, we traveled through Pennsylvania. It was beautiful countryside and it was also the first time I heard about the Amish. I was mesmerized by their simplicity. I was enchanted by their family values.

Now, years later, I just finished reading Amish Values for Your Family by Suzanne Woods Fisher. I am even more impressed by the Amish and the simple life they lead, especially in today’s world where computers and technology seem to captivate us.

About the book:
For readers who long for strong families that know how to truly enjoy life together, there is much to learn from the Amish. Values like community, forgiveness, simple living, obedience, and more can be your family legacy–without selling your car, changing your wardrobe, or moving out to farm country.

In Amish Values for Your Family, bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher shows how you can adopt the wisdom of the Amish when it comes to family matters. In this inspiring and practical book readers will find charming true stories interlaced with solid, biblical advice about parenting, marriage, and all aspects of family life. As readers get an intimate glimpse into the everyday lives of real Amish families, they will learn to prioritize what’s truly important, simplify decision-making, slow down as a family, safeguard time together, and let go when the time comes.

Suzanne Woods Fisher opens up the Amish world and through proverbs, anecdotes and personal stories she shares the secrets that have built these strong families. Regardless of our faith, this book shows the modern family how to incorporated the Amish values into their everyday lives.

As I read this book I thought of the fence in my own backyard. To the west it is met with another fence. There have been moments when my husband has threatened to build the fence taller. As I thought of this, I realized the very thing that built that fence was the lack of respect and kindness. Someone said something unnecessary. Someone didn’t respect the boundaries of the other. It was long before we moved her, and probably long before our neighbors moved into their home. Still it happened and the fences went up, back to back.

The chapter titled August Pies was one that I really gained a great deal from in reading. It begins with the Amish proverb: “He is the happiest, be the peasant or king who finds peace at home. The chapter tells the story of Fannie and Alice who are rolling out pastry for pies and baking up a storm with cookies–all to donate to the local fire station’s consignment and bake sale. It’s something I have done. The check on their children, however, become absorbed in talking and baking and when they next check on the children there are small footprints through every pie. The dog is licking a pie pan clean and the children are shoeless and socks are nowhere to be found. Even reading it I was near ready to go nuclear. Instea, Fannie and Alice laugh and declare it to be their fault. They should have kept a better eye on the children–and the dog. They don’t waste energy stressing or fussing about what they can’t change. Instead, they propose a plan for next year, they will hire a Mommy Helper to manage the children while they bake.

It’s so easy to be caught up in the expectations. I expect a great deal from myself and my children. This chapter encourages us to toss our TO DO list and instead create a TO BE list–to be bigger and better in our goals; enjoying our family and creating better memories. I love how this chapter ends: “Today was one of those days when I hardly got anything done that I had planned to when I got up this morning, but I have a sense that it was not wasted at all.”

Don’t you want to think like that? I sure do!

Learn more about  Suzanne Woods Fisher here.  You can purchase your own copy here.  You can see other reviews and tour stops here.


*I received Amish Values for Your Family in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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