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10 Reasons to Have an Air Purifier in Your Home

If you don’t have an air purifier at home, the air could be dangerous to your family. You would think being at home is one of the safest places. But did you know that you could be jeopardizing your health?

The air that you have in your home could not be cleanest, especially if you don’t have an air purifier installed in your circulation system. So what benefits can an air purifier bring to your life?

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10 Reasons to Have an Air Purifier in Your Home

Not as Clean as you Think

Studies have shown that the air within your home can actually be 100 dirtier than the air outside.

And if you’re breathing that every single day for extended periods, it’s no wonder that people experience more allergy symptoms at home.

Conservehealth can provide you with details on symptoms to look out for to determine whether an air purifier is what you need.

Removes Unpleasant Odors

Air purifiers are great at eliminating unpleasant smells in the home, such as the smell of burned food.

This is great for those who have guests over frequently and don’t want to be embarrassed about the smells their home could potentially have.

Neutralizes Smoke Particles

If you live with a smoker or smoke yourself, you know that the smell gets into everything, from your clothes to the furniture in your home.

An air purifier can absorb and eliminate these horrible particles so your home smells much cleaner.

This is great for those who are allergic to the smell of smoke.

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 Traps Dust

Many people are allergic to dust too, which generally makes your home look unclean.

But you can get rid of dust by getting an air purifier, says Cleveland Clinic.

This can reduce your need to dust and clean up every surface in your home constantly.

Removes Allergens

Whether it’s mold or pollen, air purifiers are great at removing allergens from the air.

That means no more allergy medicine or feeling drowsy because of sneezing all day.

You can be more alert in your own home and get more stuff done.

Eliminates Pet Dander

Pets are also known for being big sources of allergies, so you should be relieved to know that air purifiers are great at getting rid of these allergens, such as pet dander.

And because they’re also great at combatting smells, there’s no lingering cat or dog smell in your home either.

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Practically Cleans the Air

It wouldn’t be called an air purifier if it didn’t actually purify the air.

Thankfully, they can remove up to 99% of the air’s bacteria, especially those known to make you sick.

That means taking fewer sick days from work and having a generally healthier home.

Stops Germs from Spreading

So even if your spouse or children come home with cold germs, having an air purifier will capture those germs and neutralize them, returning cleaner air that won’t make you sick.

They do this through the use of multiple filters, and some even use UV bulbs inside to kill bacteria and viruses.

Easier Breathing

Because of all these benefits air purifiers provide, you’ll notice soon enough that your lungs will be much healthier.

You don’t know what you’re breathing daily when you’re in your home, but with an air purifier, you can guarantee that you’re only breathing clean air.

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Don’t Take Up A Lot of Space

For all of these great benefits, you would think that you would have to install a huge clunky thing in your home, but air purifiers are actually pretty portable and can be moved from room to room.

There’s practically no reason not to have one in your home.

If you notice that you’re feeling a little stuffier than usual, consider getting an air purifier to make your breathing experience in your home a little more pleasant.

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